MUXE-A New Real-Estate Medium to Simplify…Real-Estate!

Anyone who has ever bought or sold any property will know that it is a very messy bureaucratic process. Prospective buyers and sellers will experience different sides of the same token but mostly the process is roughly the same in a time cost perspective. Almost every Real-Estate transaction is incredibly slow. The actual process itself is probably more likely to deter people who are interested in buying Real-Estate than anything else. In addition, certain stipulations must be met for both buyer and seller. A new company called MUXE aims to change all of this.

MUXE came into existence when a group of people got together and decided that Real-Estate is not as liquid as it could be. By acting as a free medium listing agent that allows direct peer to peer (P2P) contact buyers and sellers can choose how much of the process they wish to follow. By allowing a more direct relationship between the buyer and seller, MUXE hopes to allow property to changes hands much faster. The vision that the MUXE team has is that by using MUXE tokens clients can exchange much faster than normal. For example, if someone wants to sell their house and buy another one it can be done relatively quickly by transacting in tokens. However, the option to use fiat currency still remains.

real estate

In addition to adding a fresh value to the cryptocurrency market, MUXE also hopes to bring new investors into the Real-Estate investment arena. By cutting the indirect and slow traditional process people will be able to understand what it is they are dealing with in a more real way. By using tokens people who may have never thought of buying Real-Estate can participate in the diverse market and either make money or buy a home. MUXE also bridges some important gaps by allowing direct global transactions. For example, if a client lived in China and wanted to buy a house in Canada they could do so without paying so much in fees and employing third party vendors. The potential value of MUXE as a company is unlimited in the value that it brings to the clients, investors, and community at large.

“Good enough never is. Set your standards so high that even the flaws are considered excellent.” -Debbie Fields


MUXE intends to deliver excellence by being prepared, deliberate, and value-creating. We do not simply aim to saturate the market we hope to benefit the market by doing what no one has done: Make Real-Estate easier. Simplifying Real-Estate would be a great accomplishment but we aim to save people money as well. By allowing clients to keep as much of what their trade garners as possible we hope to increase volume. Everyone benefits in a more liquid market and what MUXE plans to do is take that vision globally. For more information check out The platform is where the revolution begins.