7 Simple Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Moms

When it comes to making a gift to out moms, all in pursuit of thoughtful, heartfelt and ultra-feminine gifts for mom.

Below you’ll find a few gift ideas to suit every pocket and every taste, to suit people who has time to make their own gifts or those who prefer to head for the shop instead:

TOP GIFT THIS YEAR: Write her a poem, frame it and gift it. ( order alternatively ready made one from Amazon)

poem for mom. Image of a poem for mom for mother's day gift, framed and ilustrated with water colors

    1. Make her photo book. Gather all the images that illustrate the best of her, print them, add some meaningful text, bind them and voila! Perfect mother’s day gift that costs nothing more than some photo paper and some printer ink. Alternatively, you may still gather the same best photos and get a book making inline service to do the printing and binding for you. Read more about this option here.
    2. Start taking photos of the meals that you cook based on your childhood memories (that is her recipes) , write the recipe (maybe add your own twist to it) and using the same methods as above, make a recipe book.
    3. Give her an experience. Your mom probably has enough material gifts, more than she needs by now so why not buy her an experience. A trip to Paris, a day at the spa, a manicure, a massage – something that she always dreamed of doing.
    4. A service voucher that she can use anytime during the year. Offer to be her personal assistant for a day or more, offer to sort out her garden or clean her oven or the whole kitchen if you wish, a foot massage, be her driver for a day, be her personal shopper, the possibilities are endless depending on your skills and abilities and it’ll cost you nothing but some of your valuable time. However, it’ll mean the world to her.

Dear Mom Tablet

  • Moving on to the material things that go beyond a bunch of fresh flowers and a card – which should be included with any gift. Here, you may want to go the safe way and buy the box of chocolates or the item of jewelry or you may wish to surprise your mother with something more original: here’s a few original gift ideas I cam across so far:


-One year subscription to her favorite magazine from Magazine-Agent.com


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