Milan in details: TOP 3 interests for young in mind

If you are going to visit Milan for any reason, you’ve already learnt the local environment, worth-seeing places, and so-called cultural program.
Everybody knows that Milan is widely called the Fashion Capital of the World. Moreover, this is a city where the typical Italian tradition of pre-prandial aperitifs, or short drinks, was born. Sure enough, there is also a wide choice of specific regional cuisines that were carefully created by Apennines for years. All these, and even more you are going to know from this article, reading it for both reasons: informational search and pleasure.

Get dress up!
Milan and Fashion are two inseparable statements. However, it is nowhere near than simple to wade through innumerable fashion details like city shops, boutiques, and shopping centers. As one of my friends said, “There is only one problem in Milan – it’s a problem of choice”.

First and foremost, you need to define what you want to buy and how much money you are ready to spend for your shopping. If you’re aimed to buy nothing more than nice clothes of a high quality, but not the world famous labels, there is only one way for you to the central shopping places of Milan: corso Vittorio Emanuele II, via Torino and corso Buenos Aires. These names you can easily hear from everyone, who knows inside out of Milan shopping.

For those people, who are brand-hunters, who really want to spend big money for the fashionable clothes, there is so-called Fashionable quadrangle, defined by the following central streets and avenues: via Montenapoleone, via della Spiga, via Manzoni and corso Venezia. Oh, here you can find any and all possible brands, such as D&GVersaceArmani and many others, but the prices for such spending are really high.


There is a good alternative for mono shops – the big shopping centers, situated around the city’s perimeter. The list of must to visit places can starts from Fiordaliso in the region of Rozzano, Milanofiore in Assago and Galleria Borromea in Peschiera Borromeo. From the look of it, the men can also find a place to visit here.
It should not go unnoticed the outlet-centers, situated all over the region of Lombardy. Although, it is necessary to place on record that native Italians prefer some other kind of shopping than outlets. Therefore, here you can see many guests of Milan from all over the world, which are busy in search of a high style.

So, you definitely should know that outlets are the huge shopping centers, where you can meet the real sales about 70-80% for last year’s models. If you are looking for the popular shopping centers that can be a good opening for you and your family, you should try Franciacorta Outlet VillageFashion District Mantova Outlet, and famous Fidenza Village. The list is not full, as there is always place for a storage space.

Let’s hang out together!
As far as Italians are the big lovers of having a good meal, they can always start with aperitif, even if the question is just a short coffee hour, or the substantial meal.
You know, joking aside, the aperitivo tradition began from that time, when Milanese bohemians were meeting in the bars before dinner to have a glass of wine and share the news and experience. Aperitifs were always a nice opportunity to work up an appetite before the meal. In course of time, this genteel habit became very popular for the rest of society. Thus, for now, aperitif is a ritual of Italian daily living.

So, let’s leave history aside and try to answer the question what is a real Italian aperitif? Frankly speaking, this is a fantastic opportunity to eat and talk at the same time. All you need is to pay about 7-8 Euro and get a lot of free starters at that.
The choice where to go is really huge. You can start with small tasty sandwiches, chips, different kind of cheese, meet and vegetable cold cuts. There is also a chance to try more hearty meals, like pasta, risotto, or, even, pizza.

Pizza in Milan

Curiously enough, opinions differ. Everyone can find a right place for prendere un aperitivo. The most famous of them are cozy Navigli and corso Como, where you can easily taste a big choice of tasty and specific food.
By the way, you can get from one place of Milan to another by car, as it’s the most suitable variant to see the beauty of the city and get where you need without any problem. The car rent is a popular service for tourists, travelling with friends, families, or in a big company.

The dinner is served!
So, where can we eat in Milan? Firstly, you should try Risotto allo zafferano that is a real Italian, or even Milanese, dish as well. The main top of the dish is a tasteful combination of the saffron and parmesan, which is drool-inducting. So, what are the most interesting places to eat in Milan? There are several places for all occasions:
Trés Jolie is a sweet little restaurant, which can help to create a romantic atmosphere;
Pizzeria Carlsberg Ol is mostly suitable for getting together every evening. This is a place of a friendly atmosphere that turns into a real pub every evening;
Doge di Amalfi is a restaurant-pizzeria, where you can try the tastiest meet and fish dishes.


Moreover, there is a little secret for tourists, visiting Milan for the first time. It is preferable for everyone to choose cozy little restaurants, not fashionable places to eat, as the taste is more important than a fashion.
There is always a chance that you can try the tastiest food in the small nice café with a checked table covers. There is a whole region Navigli, where you can find the restaurant to your liking, including the chain of restaurants of the world famous food.

There you have it! Of course, it is always something to add. But, this article, so these advices, can be a nice appendix for everyone, who wants to look at Milan as not only a famous fashion capital, but also, a good place to have a tasty food, buy a fashionable clothes, and spend precious moments with friends and family, driving a comfortable car from one place to another, making your trip more and more comfortable.

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a travel writer. She travels all around the world and writes her reviews and comments about the different destination spots.