Celebs Dream of Raising a Family

Everybody dreams of a family and the fantastic adventure inherent to raising a family. Today’s guest brings us up to day with Matthew C Martino’s dream of raising a family.

He may act like a hard man and always make public appearances alone but a source close to author/film producer Matthew C Martino told us ‘He wants the normal things in life, He dreams of a family’.



21 year old Martino has been single for over 3 years and in a valentines exclusive interview with News24 this year he alleged that he was ‘Very happy alone’ and he added a toast to himself saying ‘Cheers, here’s to the small fortune I’ve saved by being single this valentines’. He had been rumoured to be planning a romantic surprise for mystery woman on valentine’s day but these reports were further rubbished.


Martino is thought to be considering bringing Junior Martino’s into the world; according to the source we also learnt that the AllStar is good with kids after it was revealed that he nursed his younger brother from birth till 18months.


Martino’s rep were contacted for comment on the matter and haven’t responded yet.


Although many complain that the fun stops the moment the kids get on board, it is not quite so. Raising a family is a great adventure indeed and I don’t mean the daily trips to the supermarket and the school pick up. Taking the family for a boat trip, cycling with kids, experiencing a Zero-G Flight, are just a few of the many whole family life experiences that can be great fun when well prepared.