Make Your Business Payments Cash- Free

In business today it is becoming important that retailers allow their customers an option to pay for the goods or service, they have just bought, using a credit or debit a card. But choosing the right PDQ terminal is also vital. The Countertop PDQ Terminal is a static device that is most popular among retailers and can be used in all business environments. The machine itself is compact enough to fit on any counter or desk. These machines are also available on rental basis. The PDQ Terminal Rental process has got many benefits and is based on minimum short term hire agreements.


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A Credit Card Reader is a machine which reads the credit card with the help of decoding magnetic stripe on the card. This system is a very important part of point of sale system and is very helpful in everyday cash transactions. This reader can read any type of credit and debit card and is very easy to use. Credit Card Processing offers additional functionality such as processing recurring payment, removing the risk involved with the merchants and storing confidential and secret credit card information. This device has the ability to implement best solutions with the latest fraud protection technologies.

Now Use Your Mobile To Read Cards For Business Transactions

A card reader is a data input device for card shaped storage medium. Because of common use of cards for shopping these days, Credit Card Reader has become an essential part of any POS system. These readers can read any kind of card with magnetic strips. All you have to do is simply choose the connection, plug it in and it starts reading cards. Similarly, Mobile Card Reader can turn your smart phone into a credit card swiping device if you choose to use your smart phone for business purposes (Seymour Direct can explain everything regarding ‘Contactless’- visit their web site). Several mobile credit card readers are on the market now and each one of them comes with its own fee structure.

Easy Payment Solution For Everyone

Mobile Card Reader is a device which can be attached to the smart phone anytime. It can make the smart phone apt for the business deals as this reader can swipe the credit or debit cards to make any kind of payments using the merchant’s phone connection. The mobile PDQ device brings real mobility to take payments while on the move, It is compact, easy to handle and carry (Find Out More at It provides fast and effortless use in any environment. If you are market trader or any business provider where you may not have access to a landline phone connection but would like to accept card payments then this terminal could be a great option.