Luxury Rolex watches- the new trend for women

Luxury Rolex watches: the new trend for women?


Luxury watches have always been in demand, and Rolex arguably the best known of them all, but until now the market has been mainly men of a certain class.


Oozing sophistication, a luxury watch suggests power, authority and elegance but it’s not just men who are wearing their Rolex with pride, women are increasingly becoming part of the fan-base too.


Luxury watches are very much in vogue for women right now, and although a number of the best watch manufacturers have created a signature style for ladies, many are opting to wear the same models as the men. Androgyny has been a hot look in the world of fashion for some time, and this trend is now crossing over to watches, creating an even bigger market for both new and pre-owned models.


Famous fans

The trend for wearing large men’s luxury watches has been adopted by a number of A-list celebrities who have incorporated the accessory into their overall look.


Rolex has long been the biggest luxury watch brand.

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Madonna is never one to follow the pack and true to form, she has been setting the style for some time by wearing an oversized men’s watch around town.


The idea has quickly caught on and many of the top female stars are demanding larger watches to make a real statement, opting to wear designs intended for the men.


Tamara Eccleston, Courtney Cox, Elle McPherson and Jennifer Anniston are just a few of the women who have been seen showing off a large men’s Rolex on their wrist; often when teamed with a sophisticated evening dress!


Chanel caught on to this trend and launched one of their very first unisex watches, the J12. However, it did make some concessions by releasing a slightly chunkier version of the model for men. Surprisingly, the ‘male’ version of the unisex watch was quickly snapped up….by women opting for the larger design.


Nicki Minaj, Carmen Electra and Mila Kunis have all been snapped showing off their androgynous side with their watch on full display.


One of the reasons the trend is said to have become so popular is that the bulky watches can make wrists and arms appear lithe and slim in comparison. The look is certainly wearable whether you are size 8 or 18, creating an almost universal fashion which looks good on women of all shapes and sizes.


How to wear it

There are an increasing number of pre-owned Rolex watches on the market so if you want to get in on the act, now’s your chance to get your look ready.


If you decide to wear a men’s watch, it’s essential to understand that it will be a signature piece and that your wrist will be taking centre stage.


Even the most understated men’s Rolex will stand out when worn by a woman, especially when contrasted against a particularly feminine outfit, such an evening gown. To look its best, it needs to be allowed to command attention without fighting against other accessories.


Forget eye-catching nail varnish or lots of other jewellery; keep your arms and hands minimalist and bear with just your Rolex for decoration. One alternative is to wear stacked bangles on the opposite wrist, complementing the chunky accessorised look.


You have the choice of either a metal bracelet or a leather strap. It doesn’t matter which design you plump for and don’t worry that it will look too functional to be dressy. The way to wear your oversized Rolex is as a sharp contrast to floaty and feminine clothes. Even if you are going out for the evening and have a rubber band for your Rolex, you will find the slightly industrial vibe that your Rolex provides flatters all kinds of styles.


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Rolex is becoming more popular amongst women.


Men’s Rolex watches look fabulous wherever they are worn and there’s no greater proof of this than the many woman who are opting to show off their androgynous style. With oversized faces and dials flattering the arm, the need to design a separate style to capture the imagination of the female market is rapidly diminishing as Rolex already have it.



Image credits: Foeock