Giant Beanbags for Cozy Living

Lovesac founder, Shawny D, started the modern day beanbag revolution by making the first gigantic “Lovesac” fresh out of high school in 1995, and continues his mission to make people’s lives more comfortable to this day.Filled with just the right amount of shredded Durafoam,

Love Sac will always fluff back up to its original, immaculate fullness. The Shrink-Kit allows you to use your household vacuum to shrink your Sac for easy travel or relocation. Sac covers are made of highly durable and stain resistant fabrics
which are easy to zip off and throw in the washing machine as often as you like.Your Khaki Sac full of shredded Durafoam comes shrunken down
to 1/8 its original volume for easy and efficient delivery. Love Sacs have a 2-Lifetime Guarantee – destined to be the family heirloom for generations.  In 3 words: fun, comfortable, adaptable. Here’s a list of winter movies to watch while curled up in your lovesac. : to 5 movies to watch in bed

lovesac giant pillow

The SuperSac  is for those that live big but are not ready to handle the shear gurth of The BigOne. The SuperSac can fit 2 to 3 people comfortably, all on the same Sac. Its the perfect way to bond with your loved ones, have a tag team wrestling match, cuddle with your partner, or even have a gang tickle fight. This Sac is perfect for living rooms, media rooms, studio apartments, and back yards (with the Sport Utility Cover). Dont forget, you can have all your tag team wrestling matches in style with SuperSac Designer Covers. Even though all KhakiSacs are highly usable without a cover, we have many different covers to fit your personality.

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