Long Term Hair Removal – Intense Light at Home Review

Silk’n Flash&Go is an innovative light-based device for removing the hairs on the face and body. The new high tech design of the Flash&Go applicator allows individuals to properly target and zone into any area that requires treatment.

Silk’n Flash&Go provides you with fast, effective long term hair removal previously only achievable in professional clinics. Heavenly smooth skin guaranteed!

Silk’n Flash&Go Home Hair Removal almost  does what it says on the tin. It gradually weakens the hairs so after a few treatments, they simply don’t bother to grow back (for a while) and when they do, they’re much much finer and less bothersome. Even then, your Silk’n Flash will probably still have plenty life left in it to retreat the persistent buggers.

Moreover, apart for being a all body cost – effective (compare it with the salon laser or IPL treatments) hair removal device, Silk’n Flash&Go can also be used on the face, below the cheek bones.

However, do not expect miracles. There is not one treatment permanent hair removal out there, not even in the most high tech beauty salons. Treatments such as Laser, Intense Pulse Light, Electrolysis, you name it, take many expensive, time consuming sessions to give some long term but never permanent  results. In addition, after a while (weeks or years depending on your luck) hairs do grow back, hence we need to revisit the hair removal options available for us out there.
Silk’n Flash&Go also takes several sessions to permanent smooth skin, also takes patience, perseverance, maintenance and revisiting,  but it costs less and the most important of all, you can use it whenever you’ve got 5 or more minutes to spare Handy! No more excuses for those hairy legs hidden under jeans.
Click here to read more about Silk’n Flash&Go. or read on about how this at home DIY hair removal system worked for me: 
Silk’n Flash review UPDATE:

It has been 10 months since I’ve been using it every two weeks at first and every month later. Although there are some stubborn hairs showing up on my chin, knees and the big toe, everything else is smooth as silk everywhere. It’s been like this for a month now and I’m tempted to leave my legs and face alone for a little longer to see if the hair will attempt at least to grow back. I wonder …

As for the the stubborn offenders on my chin and toes – I’ll pluck them! So far, this has been the best hair removal product I ever came across. It’s not as magical as it boasts, but hey, I stopped believing in fairies long time ago and now perseverance and patience are my guides.

08/24/2013: Summer Update for Silk’n Flash : 

At the beginning of the summer, my legs were white, smooth and hair free. I couldn’t spot one ingrown hair, one spot or any imperfection. I put my IHL hair remover away and went to the beach. I’ve been sunbathing for two months, I got a good tan and the hairs are starting to come back: not as thick as normal, not as visible (the skin is much darker) but I can feel them and I can see them if I look closely. My skin is too tan at the moment, and I read that SilknFlash doesn’t work quite as well on dark skin as it does on white, so I’ll just shave my legs and come back to you with another review as soon as I have something more to say about Silk’n Flash and my ‘used to be very hairy’ legs.

Wish you could lose all the hair on your legs and add it to your eyelashes? Well, not sure where you can get that done.. hehehe, but I know for sure,( because I’ve tried and tested) that there is a serum out there that helps your eyelashes grow fuller, darker and longer. The downside is that it takes 16 weeks to achieve the full results. But let me tell you: it’s worth the wait. Read my full review of the eyelash growth serum.  

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  • Emma

    I,ve got a silk flash and go and, I used it once a month for six months and now, there is nothing to flash. Skin is smooth. And hair free. It,s been a month since the last flash. I wonder whether i should flash again…preventively or just leave it alone and see when the hair will grow back.

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