Inspirational Baby Shower Game Ideas

Having a baby marks a very special time in a couple’s life. In most cases, this momentous event will be celebrated with a baby shower thrown by family and friends. While this is mostly about spending time with family and giving gifts that will help the new parents in raising their child, playing some fun baby shower games can make a great baby shower truly memorable. One of the hallmarks of a great baby shower game is the inspiration it can bring to new parents when they’re going through those difficult hours on little sleep. We’ve compiled a list of our favorites here.

#1 – Words for the Wee Hours

In this great baby shower game, attendees each take a moment to write a few inspirational words and phrases on the outside of a diaper. These can be funny sayings, encouraging words, or wise advice – anything that will get new parents through those many 2am diaper changes they’re going to be doing in their baby’s first few months of life. Let’s face it, those first several weeks of exhaustion are no fun; this is a great way for friends and family to provide some encouragement and comic relief, even when they can’t be there in person.


Baby showers are a great time to play games.

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#2 – Wish List

In this game, each attendee creates a “wish list” for the baby. Small cards can be printed out with blanks for each person to fill in their wishes for the baby’s character, personality, etc. Try to include open-ended and thought-provoking things such as:

  • I hope that you…
  • I wish for you to become…
  • I hope you grow…
  • I hope you love…

These will make excellent keepsakes that can then be given to the child later on when they’ve grown and can appreciate all of the love their family had for them before they were even born.

#3 – Advice Book

In this game, each participant fills out a small card with a bit of advice for either the new parents or the baby. Each of these cards is then put inside a small envelope that is glued to a book or photo album page. The new parents can look at the advice after the shower is over. If the book is being created for the child, it makes a great future graduation (or other occasion) gift.

#4 – Not-So Newlyweds

This is similar to “The Newlywed Game”. Separate the couple and ask them to write their answer to 20 questions on large cards, such as “where were you when you found out,” and “what do you hope your child will be when they grow up?” After the answers are recorded, bring the couple back together and have them try to guess their partner’s answers. If you’ve kept the answers secret from the audience, they can have a guess, too!

Why not try some of these games at your next baby shower?

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#5 – Create-a-Onesie

Bring out your guest’s crafty side – and create something both useful and memorable at the same time! In this game, each attendee is given a plain onesie. Each one is stretched across a piece of cardboard, and a number of baby-safe decorations are made available so that attendees can create a one-of-a-kind onesie for the little one to wear. Once the items have dried, the parents will have some excellent and very unique outfits for their little one – or some pieces of art to cherish forever.


Baby shower games can be fun, but they should also be memorable. When you play a game like one of the ones we’ve listed here, you give the new parents memories to cherish that will last long after the baby shower is over. Some can even be passed on when the child grows up, making a true keepsake that will keep on bringing joy.


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