Tips on how to get bigger hips

Today’s guest will advise us on how to get that perfect hourglass figure through exercise and diet.

“For any woman, her body shape plays a major role in how she feels about herself. Thanks to the media, the hips or the ‘bum’ as it is commonly known has become one of the most focused upon parts of a female’s body. More and more people are interested in looking at women who have a wider, bigger bum, and simultaneously, women have also begun to alter their approach towards their fitness, focusing more on how to get bigger hips. Well, in the following few paragraphs, we shall be talking about some of the basic tips that can help women in enhancing their hips.


There really is no alternative to exercise. The best way to enhance and sculpt your body shape is to do it naturally, and for that to happen, natural exercises are the best. Exercises such as squats go a long way in enhancing your hips, and making them seem bigger. If you are taking an aerobics class, make sure that your hip and butt muscles are constantly engaged, such as during spin classes. Similarly, when you are using a bicycle, walking with a brisk pace or doing the elliptical, your body is going to become more pumped up, and your butt and hip muscles will also be more enhanced. If you want to tighten and ultimately enhance your butt muscles, you could also do butt lifts. To perform a butt lift, just lay down on your back, and keep your arms resting on the sides. Then, squeeze the upper part of your legs, along with your knees with each other (inwards) with the body, down from the knees and over to the chest. Count up till 5, and then release. Repeat this exercise and go for 30 reps on every alternate day, and you will soon begin to see a positive change.


You can’t expect to build butt muscle without eating an appropriate diet! If you are consuming burgers and fast food on a regular basis, your exercise is going to waste. Instead, what you need to do is to focus more upon foods that will help you build muscles, i.e. foods that contain more protein. So which foods can you take in to build more muscle? Well, chicken, beef and other green vegetables are just a few, but the best thing to do would be to visit your nutritionist in order to get a clear idea of the suits that will fit your lifestyle. Make sure to avoid oily and fatty foods however. As muscle begins to build on your body, the fat will begin to burn off, and you will soon begin to feel quite energetic yourself. Ultimately, this will allow you to exercise even more, helping you enhance your bum significantly, while making sure that all excessive skin around your waist is lost, resulting in a toned body shape. Make sure that you contact your dietician before taking any supplements however, as they are not exactly needed.