How women can keep themselves healthy at work?

As you know that office is such a place that has got lots of stress and hectic schedules. Hence it becomes increasingly important that you should keep yourself healthy and positive so that you can work in an efficient manner. Here are some useful tips on how a woman can keep herself healthy while at work.

Never skip your breakfast

• You should make it a thumb rule that you will never skip your breakfast because it is this breakfast that will help your body to sustain for the entire day. Eat a healthy breakfast that should include eggs, milk, cereals or anything which is nutritious and healthy. Avoid tea and coffee and instead drink freshly squeezed juice or organic tea. Once you will start eating your morning breakfast regularly then after few days you will realize that you are full of energy for the entire day and will also are able to concentrate on your office work in a better manner.

Reduce the caffeine intake and eat more salad

• The first and the foremost important point that needs to be followed are to reduce the caffeine intake and instead eat more amounts of fresh salad. Caffeine provides a short-term burst of energy followed by jitters and withdrawal symptoms. Drink no more than one caffeinated drink per day and, if possible, choose tea over coffee. If your office does not have a salad vending machine then you can go to nearby food truck and ask for freshly made salad. This will help your body to get required amount of vitamins and minerals. You body will also gets it required dose of fiber.
• You can also get salad or healthy lunch made from home and eat it during lunch break. You can also keep few dates and almonds ready with you so that when the hunger pangs strike you can munch on them easily.

Drink plenty of water while in office
• In order to keep yourself running you should make sure that you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day. Normally people find it really difficult to drink this much water and hence you can keep a water bottle or water sipper near you so that you can drink water at regular intervals and in smaller amounts. At the end of the day you will realized that you are drinking plenty of water and this activity will keep your body hydrated all the time.

Check your posture throughout the day. 

gym ball chair for good posture and back painIf you have a desk job and find that you have a tendency to slouching, due to lack of energy, boredom, tiredness consider using a gym ball chair. This will help you maintain your focus, improve your posture and energy levels and can be considered as doing yoga at work. 

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Every point that has been discussed is a very simple and easy to follow and once you will follow all of them regularly you will feel healthy and happy.

After a hard day at work, don’t forget to reward your own discipline during the day with a glass of red wine in your cozy lovesac, some dark chocolate,  a chocolate cake shared with friends or a skin invigorating face mask.