The secret to learn a second language

Learning to speak a second or a third language opens up the life choices and possibilities for everyone, not to mention the beneficial effect it has on mental health and brain development.

And these days, we don’t need to find a language learning class in our towns, all we need is simply to fire up the PC and start learning online in our own time at our own pace. As I wish to learn Italian, I’ve been searching for language learning classes online at accessible prices, and I was surprised to see that the only difficulty one might have is choosing one of the hundred language learning programs online.

So, here it is my top 4 language learning programs online:

1. For those who are under the pressure of learning a language fast: There the Pimsleur Approach. Discover how you can rapidly start speaking any new language in just 10 days using this sneaky linguistic secret. Find out more about how you can Start Speaking any Language in 10 Days.

2.LingQ LingQ – Learn Languages Online offers a wide variety of languages and a simple, easy to follow, methodical approach.

With perseverance and self discipline, this is the safest option for learning a foreign language.


-90% : 1 year of language courses online 3. For an enjoyable, comprehensive and effective online language training course, look no further than Online Trainers. Here, you can can choose what you want to study, in relation to your own  learning objectives and your own desires. Reading, writing, speaking, watching, playing…you’re am completely free for choose what nest works for you. Head over to the purchase page for more details and for your limited time discount.



4. If the targeted language is Spanish, then Lingo Live if for you. Lingo Live teaches Spanish by giving the two most critical things all language learners need:
Very own private tutor who is a native
Fun exercises that allow to build real conversational skills.

One-on-one means students learn what they want to know at their own pace. Students are assessed through a world-class curriculum to ensure they are making progress through the language and focusing on the areas they need to develop. Lastly, online lessons mean students can learn anytime and anywhere that is convenient.

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If you’re thinking of enrolling your child for a language learning class, read more about the impact on children’s intelligence, learning a second language has.