Sitting and Straightening Core Muscles, Improving Posture

Everything Yoga Fitness Balance Cushion
Everything Yoga Fitness Balance Cushion – Place it on your office or home chair, sit and just watch yourself sitting up straight, feel your core muscles strengthening  your posture greatly improving. No need to try hard. Carry on with your computer work and let your body do the rest,  independently adjust itself and balancing you. It’s such a simple solution to problems such as lower back pain and bad posture that I don’t know why don’t they make a law imposing these in all office work places.

Popular in many Chair Yoga classes, this Yoga Balance Cushion allows you to turn sitting on a normal chair into an abdominal exercise! Because the disk-shaped cushion is full of air, the Balance Cushion creates an unstable surface for you to sit on. Sitting on the cushion forces you to sit tall with good posture, eliminating any back and neck pains you may experience when slouching in a chair. And while you sit with perfect posture, you will be toning your abdominal muscles, without even realizing it! That’s what I call exercise that allows me to get on with the more important things in life while I’m at it. Good bye slouching, hello inner poise!

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from: Everything Yoga