3D orthopedic custom made insoles

Taking the 3D photo

3dsoles sells  orthopedic Custom made insoles in a very unique way. The orthopedic Custom made insoles  are usually sold in clinics by copying the foot’s imprint with a mold or with a foam kit.

3dsoles uses an unique system that allows them to copy the foot’s geometry using a phone application. After placing the order on the site, the user receives a link to the app and takes the required 3 photos – these are converted to a 3D file that is being sent to the production lab. (After placing your order you will be provided with a link to a smart phone app (Android or Iphone) or prompted to upload photos straight to the site. The apps let you easily take the required pictures and submit them automatically. If you prefer to use a regular digital camera, you will be provided with a set of instructions that will demonstrate how to use it to take the pictures correctly – extra help is available on request.

Foot hovering over insoles

After receiving your order, 3DSoles uses 3D printers to create a mold of your foot. They cut and hand place the layers of materiel on a vacuum forming machine. The production process takes 3~4 days, and allows them to produce the best custom insoles in the world today. World wide shipping is always free and may take up to 10 days, depending on your location.

Insole with footEach product is one of a kind and custom made specifically for the user’s own feet. 3dsoles currently sells each pair for only  $89 and they are the cheapest on the orthopedics market. (3dsoles are so confident that they offer the best price that they even show a list of  competitors’ prices and links to their websites)

Today technology is great. Click here to download the app, send the photos and let the lab experts make the insoles specially for your feet. Order your Custom made insoles now! Place them inside regular shoes, running shoes, boots, trainers, and start walking and running  in comfort.If they don’t quite fit, no worries: Tell them:  they’ll check what went wrong and send you a new re-designed pair to make it right!

Insoles box