How to visit Dubai without breaking your budget

Dubai is the place which is mostly associated with the first-rate service and luxurious vacation. Though, many travelers are afraid that they cannot afford such a vacation because of the price.

Indeed, spending the holidays in Dubai usually demands bigger expanses than at other popular resorts. But as you know, where there’s a will there’s a way. You can have a nice vacation in Dubai even with a small budget; you just should know how to organize it in the right way. Want to know how? There you go!

Cheap holiday season in Dubai

It is well known that as soon as the season of unfavorable weather conditions begins, the prices become lower. In this regard Dubai is not an exception. So, you can count on the reduction of prices at Dubai resorts when the unbearable heat sets in, namely in the period from June till September, when the temperature is 45-50 degrees above zero.

No worries, you may have fun there even in such extreme conditions! For example, you can visit various festivals, museums, take guided tours and even to shop during the sales. Huge malls will be a good shelter when the sun hits outside.

Cheap hotels in Dubai
The understanding of the high quality hotel service in the UAE is fundamentally different from the European standards. So, the accommodation in a 3-star rated hotel will pleasantly surprise you with the level of service and furnishing of the rooms.


In Dubai all the luxury hotels are situated along the coastline and the hotels of the tourist class are mostly characterized by city location, which is not considered quite prestigious. Though the rooms in such hotels tend to be cheap, they are air-conditioned, well-equipped and comfortable.

Here are a few inexpensive hotels that you may consider:
Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai – 2.7 km south-west from Dubai city center
Ibis Al Barsha Hotel – 21.8 km south-west from Dubai city center
Arabian Park Hotel – 5.8 km southward of Dubai city center
Mayfair Hotel – 1.9 km south-east from Dubai city center
Riviera Hotel – 0.4 km southward of Dubai city center

Means of transportation

Dubai Creek, UAE
In Dubai you can travel by bus, subway, taxi and in a rented car. If you plan to stay in the city for over three days and you have a driver’s license it better to rent a car, since it will be much more comfortable and cheaper than moving around Dubai by taxi.

You can choose a suitable car of any class at Dubai Airport. In case you can’t drive a car yet and you’re going to stay in Dubai for more than a week, it is recommended to buy a pass for the subway or bus.


It is not necessary to go to luxury restaurants in pursuit of a good quality meal in Dubai. Good meals are available even in small cafes.
On average, a lunch in the city costs around 8-16$.  The places crowded by tourists are more expensive; the places located away from the city sights and malls are cheaper.

If you want to eat delicious and not expensive seafood go, for instance, to Golden Fork. Farooj is also popular among travelers who are looking for cheap meals. In general, fast food meal will cost you around 6-10$.

If you really have a little money, you can appease the hunger with shawarma – it costs only around 1-1.5$.

Choosing between a street cafe and a café inside of a mall, it is better to opt for a street café – the food there will be cheaper and tastier.
When choosing a restaurant or a cafe, also pay attention where the locals and tourists mostly go.

Dubai Creek is one of the destinations that offer affordable entertainment. For just 1 dirham you can take a ride with a crowd of tourists in a traditional Arabian motorboat named Abra.

In Deira district, on the right bank of the bay, walk along the markets selling spices, gold and fabrics.
Coastal areas of Dubai provide a great opportunity for travelers with a limited budget. You can sunbathe for free on Jumeirah Open Beach and Jumeirah Beach Residents.
Another free of charge entertainment is admiring the marine life through the large external panel of the aquarium in Dubai Mall.

At Address Montgomerie Dubai Hotel on Thursdays and Fridays, you can watch a movie, eat popcorn, drink lemonade and swim in the pool for 65 dirhams.


City Centre Mall Dubai UAE
The fans of inexpensive dress-up shouldn’t fail to visit Karama market area. It is the equivalent of New York’s Chinatown, where all kinds of fake designer goods are on sale.

At flea markets you can also find the goods at incredibly low prices. Particularly successful purchases are waiting for those who come early in the morning before 8 AM and are good at bargaining.

Tourists, who don’t appreciate street markets, can go to Dubai Outlet Mall. You may be lucky to find there the goods of famous brands with big discounts.

According to Dubai visitors, high quality goods at low prices are available in the stores at Nasser square and in the city center.

During Dubai shopping festival discounts in the local shops reach up to 50%. In addition, there are various promotions with gifts. For example, in addition to the purchased $50 cream you can additionally get a lipstick, a toilet water and a powder. It’s not a bad deal, is it?

As you see, it is impossible to absolutely avoid spending the money during your holidays in Dubai, but still you can save a lot if you spend it reasonably. And it is always nice to buy something for yourself for the money that you manage to save. Hopefully, this article will help you a lot with it!


Author Bio: Lily Berns is a travel writer. She travels all around the world and writes her reviews and comments about the different destination spots.