How To Stay Comfortable When The Weather Is Out Of Control

Whether you are too hot or too cold – it is not something that you should have to put up with. You will want to make sure that you are doing everything you can in order to find a few ways to keep yourself comfortable, no matter what the outside weather is doing. After all, if you are way outside of your comfort zone, you might just find yourself to be a little more than miserable and that is no way for anyone to live.

During The Summer Months

To help stay as cool as possible during the summer months, you could start by dressing in thin shirts or tank tops and wearing smaller shorts. Of course, that is usually where you have to draw the line when it comes to clothing. It is not as though you can keep shedding clothing until you are comfortable. There are laws against that.

This is when you need to think about getting a little creative. Some of the things you will to gather in your arsenal for attacking the summer heat include:

·  Rotating fans

·  Personal fans

·  Spray bottles for water mists

·  Air conditioning units

·  Floppy hats

·  Gel Filled Ice Packs

First things first – if you do not have central air in your home and cannot get it installed, you will want to purchase some window air conditioning units. If you are not able to put one in each room of your home, at least get some so your bedrooms and your living room can be cooled off. After all, these are the rooms where you will typically spend the most time. Should you have a central air unit but it is not working properly, you will want to look into calling someone for air conditioning repair.

When you are outside in the heat, wearing a large floppy hat will help keep the sun from beating down on you. You can keep a small portable personal fan and a spray bottle full of water nearby and treat yourself to some cool down time whenever it is needed. You might also want to rearrange the times in which you will be doing things outside. For example, instead of taking the kids outside to play on the swing set in the middle of the day, opt for the evening hours when the sun is not as bright and the temperatures have fallen a little bit.

This might also be the time you start to think about getting in better shape. The fact is, if you are overweight, you are bound to be much hotter during the summer. Therefore, putting some energy into getting into shape can actually help keep you cooler during the summer.

During The Winter Months

You will need to make sure that you are dressing warm for winter. If you do not have an extensive winter clothing collection, you might be tempted to go out and buy a new wardrobe. While this can be tempting, it is not practical for many people. Instead, you might want to layer some of your clothing, as this will provide you with plenty of warmth.

You will also want to open the curtains during the day, as the sun coming in through the windows can help bring some warmth to the rooms in your house. When you need to snuggle up for some rest or for a full night of sleep, you could consider the use of an electric blanket. However, it is vital that you are using one that is newer and that is in great shape. This is not something that you want to take a lot of risks with.

Another good idea would be to stock up on things such as:

·  Gloves

·  Scarves

·  Hats

·  Emergency hot packs

·  Portable electric heaters

Sure, finding ways to make sure that you are going to remain comfortable all year long, no matter what the weather is like, can take some planning. However, when you find that you are no longer miserable in the extreme temperatures, you will know that it was worth it.