How to Save Money on a Day at Chuck-E-Cheese

Chuck-E-Cheese is undoubtedly one of the giants of kids’ entertainment, but if you have more than one child it can be incredibly expensive. Despite this, a day of games and pizza for the kids (with no cooking and washing up for parents) can make many happy memories. Of course, the strain of household budget management can stand in the way for many parents. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to make sure you maximize fun and keep costs low at Chuck-E-Cheese, even with two or three children to cater for.

Look for Coupons and Offers Before You Go

One of the great things about Chuck-E-Cheese is the frequency with which they rotate their offers and issue coupons. Searching for Chuck E Cheese coupons that offer free points, discounts on play passes, or food and drink bundles can save you more than a few dollars (especially if you have more than one child).

Remember to check the fine print, too, as some offers and coupons can be stacked to maximize savings. There are also some locations that offer ‘all you can play’ passes that offer unlimited access for a set amount of time. This can be expensive if you have more than one child, but there are coupons and offers that lower the cost of these options from time to time.

Buy Play Points in Advance

If you find that a day out at Chuck-E-Cheese is your go-to for rainy days or school vacation periods, it can be useful to buy play points in bulk and in advance. This will lower the overall cost of points (there are often bulk deals) and lower the on-the-day budget.

Of course, if you’re stockpiling points for days out it’s probably best to keep your kids in the dark about this; impulse control is notoriously difficult for toddlers and young children.

Make the Most of Free Entertainment Options

Whether it’s the slides and play structures, dance floor, or even the ball pit (though these are not found in most Chuck-E-Cheese locations, these days) there are free activities and options on offer. Steer your kids towards these structures when you can, especially if they have friends or siblings with them. Individual and collaborative play is important in the development of social skills and physical aptitude.

Of course, many young children may not realize that some of the rides and games are meant for anything other than climbing on or into – don’t be too quick to show them otherwise!

Plan Your Arrival and Departures Times for Ticket Throws

The company mascot generally makes appearances at certain times of day to undertake ‘ticket throws’. This freebie offers entertainment and a chance for kids to grab some extra tickets to spend on prizes, and they generally occur near the ‘ticket muncher’ machines 

This can make a fun start to your day while delaying the spending spree, but it also represents a great opportunity to herd your children to the ticket machines, the prize desk, and, finally, the car.