How to Perform House Inspections Before Purchasing your Home?


It is Needless to say buying a new home is a major investment. You have to invest a huge amount of money to buy your favorite property and then spend some more on the renovations of the property. How would you feel if you found out that the new house had numerous defects after you had already purchased it? You would feel at a loss. You will naturally feel that you have been double-crossed and all your money has gone down the drain.

Clever Mints from the Unemployed Philosophers Guild

The best way to find out about any possible defects with a new property is to get it inspected by The professional will conduct a details inspection of the house in question and also give you a thorough report of the same once the inspection is complete. This report will give you an idea of whether you should buy it or not. It will also state what all defects are there in the house and the possible cost of getting the problems repaired.

Common Areas to Inspect During Home Inspection

There are different areas of a house that require proper inspection in order to understand whether the entire property is inhabitable or not. For an experienced inspector knowing such areas will be possible. However, for an inexperienced professional, it will be tough. Some of the areas for inspection inside a house have been discussed below.

  • Mold: When it comes to buying a new or existing property, one of the first things that needs inspection is mold formation on the walls of the property. It is Needless to say every home inspection will include a detailed search for mold since majority of the homebuyers are quite concerned about it. However, one thing that most of homebuyers do not understand is that majority of the homes wind up with the formation of mold somewhere. Any part of the building where moisture penetrates easily, will become a breeding ground for mold. Even if you find mold, it is one of the simplest things to deal with amongst others.
  • Radon: When you talk about radon, it is basically a radioactive material that can easily be distributed in the soil below a property. If the concentration of radon is quite strong, it can soon become a major health hazard for the inhabitants. Due to the enclosed structure of the house, radon can easily get trapped and those inside the house can easily get exposed to it. Radon inspection includes checking the level of the material in the air. If the level is found to be too high, certain measures need to be taken to deal with it.
  • Insects or Pests: If you buy an old home, finding pests and insects in different parts of the property is quite normal. The availability of rats or mice will be normal in such homes. However, if the infestation is found to be too high during the inspection, pest controllers need to be hired in order to fix the problem of rodent or pest infestation once and for all.