How to get people to talk about your brand on social media

These days, you need to get people to talk about it in order to reach your consumers.

These days the chattier people on internet are the bloggers who also spend hours on major social media networks, such as Pinterest and Facebook sharing news and views and building up what is now called a social media influence. As an example, here’s Lorne Marr, a Canadian marketing consultant, sharing with his friends the best that he comes across on the web.

Never mind banner ads! You want these social media influencers to be recommending and endorsing your product or service. The bloggers can bring your brand face to face with your consumers. Consumers will convert better because they trust the bloggers as people who have tried and tested before they recommended.

Unfortunately,  it’s rather time consuming to contact bloggers one by one  and ask for their collaboration.

This is where Sverve comes in! 

Sverve a social media platform where brands and business owners like you can  meet and select real bloggers with high social media influence for being their brand ambassadors.

 Who is on Sverve?

  • – brands, business owners, service providers, advertisers
  • – bloggers, publishers, real people with real views –  aka social media influencers.

What can you do on Sverve?

1. Launch a campaign! It’s time saving and cost effective method to get bloggers to:

  • take a look at your website and find out what is about
  • try out your products, services, etc
  • write unique content (a blog post) about your business/ brand/ service/product and include image and link to your website, twitter, Facebook fan page, Pinterest, etc.
  •  share it on major social media networks and recommend it to their thousands of followers, thus at the very least increasing your brand awareness.

 2. Select your bloggers. You decide how many bloggers you’ll engage on your campaign, how you will compensate them. You can filter bloggers that apply for your campaign (and trust me there will be plenty) by:

  • – social influence score
  • – areas of influence
  • – number of followers
  • – location
  • – Google Page Rank
  • – any other criteria set by you.
  1. After receiving hundreds of applications to your campaign, engage the best applicants in your campaign and watch your brand growing. 

How much does it cost?  It depends on YOU! You can compensate the bloggers for their efforts by using one or more of the following incentives:

  • –          monetary compensation – it’s up to you how many bloggers you’ll engage in a campaign ad how much you’ll pay them.
  • –          free products for review
  • –          the chance to be featured on your company’s blog with a link to her own blog
  • –          a percentage of the sales they send you
  • –          a fixed amount per new sign up

That was Sverve at a glance. Why not start your successful brand – blogger relationship now.

Sign-up for a free account on Sverve now and start your brand campaign  to reach your consumers on social media. 

Are you a webmaster, bloggers or you simply love social media? Sign up to be an Influencer on Sverve.

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  • Christy

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information. I found that I get more love and support from other bloggers. The more people talk about you, the more followers you gain. I found that I have had to reach out to other bloggers in order to gain new followers. Never be afraid to ask others to help you, the worst they could say is “no”.

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