How to Decorate the Summer House to Reflect Your Style

The Summer house is the best place in the world to allow the imagination to wander as you indulge in some of your favorite pastimes. The best Summer Homes reflects the personality and inner nature of their owners. This actually contribute to their compelling nature and makes them even more sacred retreats for the mind and soul.

Whether you are more inclined to the for the far and away cottage look, or the soothing ocean vistas of windswept coastlines, the following article will include some of the best ideas for creating an extra space to spend quality time and fully enjoy your personalized surroundings.


Beach Hut

If the nautical smells and sights have a special place in your heart, you might consider the salty charm of a beach based hut. You will want to pick hues with a tale of the sea so choose greens blues and use a strong contrast of white to remind the occupants of billowing clouds and sails. Choose fabrics that have the appropriate style and splash a vibrant salmon, pink or orange here and there on cushions and throw cloths.

If you want to take the realism to its final beauty, lay out a collection of attractive shells, classic boas in bottles and all the ropes you can tie back curtains with. You can even lay out the deck chairs and add the coconut palms for a day at the beach. If you’re looking for garden art for this sort of space, Outdoor Art Pros have a great selection.


Woodland Retreat

The soothing sounds and tones of a deep wood retreat will soothe the most reckless mind. You can accomplish this look by keeping wooden structures as natural as possible for a cabin or moonshine shack appeal. Use stain instead of paint and offset the grain of wood with splashes of hanging plants in strategic locations.

When choosing colors for fabrics, try to imitate the shadows on the forest floor and think mossy, puffy greens and deep browns. You can even consider small details like ornate foxes and hedgehogs to really sell the idea. Curtains should be sheer and light and as purposeful as possible as if cordoning off your portion of these hallowed woods with a filtered sunlight.

Vintage chic

If you have a garden in the country, why not complete the look with a vintage style home. The shabby chic look is very easy to achieve and takes on an amazing look of its own. You will want to select colors from the pastel hues and accentuate them with grainy whites and light grays. This look is calming and can be hobby of its own.

Consider pale colors and utilitarian decorations like the enamel milk jugs and hand blown glass jars for storing all sorts of things out in the open. Second hand shops are the best place to begin your quest for bric-a-brac.


Blue Paradise

The right tone of blue can be the theme for a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. The way supporting tones of blue carry through the house imparts a serenity on par with the eternal sky and deep blue sea. You will want to accentuate your blue with white and this is the best exterior tone. Trims on doorways and window frames can also be creams and whites.


Contemporary Zen den

Looking for something a bit more avant garde, but still cool and calm enough for a retreat? Take the modern look and begin basing it around a color scheme that compliments the garden.  You can see some fine examples in the earth tones palette from green all the way to browns and grays.

In side you will want to use oversized comfy brown furnishings that can be used year-round. Go for richer deeper browns. Highlight the browns with a brightly colored selection of cushions and throw covers. After this, it’s all about the lighting. Create some pools of light just where it is needed and nothing more.  Use some solar powered light to illuminate everything else, so you show your Green inclinations.


The Party Snug

Need a retreat that you can still use as a party center, but don’t have a lot of garden rom? Consider a smaller Corner summer house, with more than enough room for your events, and still allows for the essential garden.

Making this style home a place to entertain has never been easier. Use a jazzy rattan furniture that can play nicely with the dimmer lighting. You will want the lighting to come from fairy lights outside for an elegant touch for those nightly events. Then consider something unique for the interior, quirky artwork and bar taps are a nice touch that makes the place cozy like local pub — all you need now is the proper vintage seating option.

Pretty in Pink

You can also go bright and bold for a whimsical location that makes a bold statement. The exterior of your home has to be as bright and crazy as fuchsia pink, which will go perfectly against the well-manicured greenery of the lawn and topiaries — did someone say pink flamingos?

Inside you will want to balance the brighter colors and patterns of the upholstery and cushions. Go for some vintage styles and look but be sure the colors are still bright as new, forget the grainy feel and keep things high gloss and dynamic.


The Surprise Interior

How about something no one expects? Outside the location has the look and feel of a pretty place that is both relaxing and functional for events. Once inside the tone changes with a pub style interior complete with bar, dart boards and the mini fridge.

This perfect combination of tones works well for those couples who entertain regularly and with varied events. And the balanced tones make the look effective for all types of functions.

How does your summerhouse grow?

Every country garden needs a summer house to take it from simple to fantastic. Begin by painting the exterior a softer hue of blue and then compliment your blues with creams and whites for door frames and trimming. Use some reclaimed crates and barrels here and there to give a cozy atmosphere just like home.

For the outside, make the garden and attractive spot with all your favorite plants in a variety of different type of pots. Think wood clay and terracotta potting as a decoration that adds dimension and depth to aE lush garden. A strategically placed step ladder will sell the look of a practical garden.



The Teenagers’ Den

What teenager on earth doesn’t need a place to hideaway and call home while they melt their eardrums with music and practice video games to their heart’s content. This is actually a project that can do much to bring the family together as teenagers can discuss their preference for styles and color schemes, and parents get to learn more about them.

All the hookups for electrical consoles, lighting and speaker systems will be needed to get the most from their music and gaming sessions. Scattered bean bags and fold away chairs and tables make the organization and clean up and easier task.