How To Declutter And Clean Your House To Prevent Autumn Pests

The sudden drop in temperatures and the earlier evenings bring with them another thing for homeowners to worry about…pests!

As any professional pest controller will tell you, pests will be out loving the warmer weather now they can survive out in the open. Having fresh new plants also makes a great food source for them.

Hiring a pest control company can be expensive, and you have to go to a lot of trouble to check them out to make sure you are in safe hands. Luckily, keeping your home and garden decluttered, and doing a bit of autumnal cleaning can stop pests in a couple of minutes. Here’s how.


Clean The Garden


Over the winter a lot of natural debris will have built up in your garden. Pests love this kind of stuff: leaves, twigs, branches and plants. They can make it into a shelter, a hiding place or even have it as a snack. Having pests in your garden is only one step away from having them in your home.

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So when you do your cleaning, don’t forget to do the garden as well. Pick up all of the mess, and keep it decluttered. Trim your hedges and bushes back, and mow your grass too to protect from pests that love lawns.


Fix The Leaks


Outdoor taps and pipes over get leaks over the winter. Stagnant and standing water is a huge attraction for pests looking for a drink. Checking inside and outside your home for any leaks is a great form of pest prevention. Fix any that you find.


Try to keep your home as dry as possible by making sure no pools are forming in your bathroom or loft. Small pools of water are a breeding ground for pests, so keeping everything as dry as possible is the best way to keep pests out.


Re-Seal Your Windows


Weather stripping will have taken a few hard knocks over the winter. Check for any gaps, feeling for places where the sealant may have worn away. Replace the stripping, or re-seal it. It will help to keep the pests out, and will save you money on heating costs moving forward.  This is one of the best pest control tips I can offer.


Organise Your Kitchen


Food is what pests are looking for the most. Pantries, cupboards and fridges tend to get cluttered and messy over time.


Go through all of your food storage areas and give them a good clean out. Dispose of any out of date food and clean up any spillages.