How to Create a Personalized Custom Book Tutorial

The internet continues to wow me each year with how easy they make it is to create your own high-quality custom book. A custom book makes the best present for the most special people in one’s life, as it is personal, heartfelt, and can contain text and images aimed to emphasize friendship or a special connection.

With the net s very easy to create a book that will impress the most hard to impress because this brand enables anyone to design, publish, share, and sell their own bookstore-quality books. The custom books from Blurb feature professional printing, top-notch binding, and a range of creative customization options that customers use to make all kinds of beautiful books, from wedding books and cookbooks to baby books, travel books, portfolios, and a lot more.

I think there’s nothing quite like having your favorite photos in an actual, physical book. And while there are other services out there, DIY is really the best. But what does it take to DIY a book It’s surprisingly easy. I’ve outlined the steps below:

1. Select your favorite shots from your computer.

You can always add more photos when you actually make your book, but a little pre-editing can ease you along.

2. Organize your shots in the way you want them to appear.

Be sure to name image files in order as well, so that when you upload them, you’ll be able to flow images in according to file name.

3. Download any online free book-making tool.

It’s easy to work with, moves smoothly and fast.

4 Choose your book size, name your book, and choose from the wide variety of layouts and styles, your default one.


  1. Upload your photos.

You can easily rearrange them once they’re in the layout.

6. Edit.

Play around a little.

Alternate layouts depending on the event or number of photos you want to see per page.

Mix it up a bit and let your sense of order or stylish disorder, shine.

7. Proof.

Once complete, be sure to do a solid proofreading.

And better yet, get it in front of another pair of eyes.

Fix any typos or mistakes.


9. Enjoy your book!

Use any online  gift book inspiration!

The Gift Guide serves as a very helpful instruction guide for how to make a beautiful book gift for anyone in your life. As my husband is fed up with receiving jumpers and watches for his birthday, I think that this year a book about our family, containing the best pictures and the important events in our lives will make a great difference.