How to Choose Your Storage Units?


There was a time when people used to carry all of their belongings with them while shifting to a new location or house. Although this was better for them as they could have all belongings in their new house, it was rather inconvenient, especially when the new house was smaller in size than the previous one. This is why you will notice people opting for storage units instead, where they can safely keep some of their belongings that are of no use at the moment.

It is true that there are several types of storage units out there. Most of you may say that choosing the right type of storage unit amongst so many different options is a rather overwhelming experience. This would happen to anyone the first time. However, the process is not that tough as it may seem to you.

Various Types of Storage Units

When you look at various storage units at Storage Plus, all neatly lined up in rows, they will all look the same to you from a distance. However, the truth is that they are not the same. You will find indoor storage units, outdoor storage units, and even some that are climate controlled. Here is a brief description of the different types of storage units and tips to help you decide when to use which type.

  1. Indoor Storage Units: One of the most popular types of storage units is the indoor ones. When it comes to the indoor storage units, you need to enter a building then walk all the way down a hall in order to reach and open your unit. One of the biggest benefits of indoor units is that weather is never a major factor. Thus, whatever you store in them will remain safe from the sudden changes in outside weather.
  2. Outdoor Storage Units: When it comes to an outdoor storage unit, you do not have to enter any building. You can straightaway drive up to the door of your storage unit. This will save you the long trip of reaching your storage unit, which was the case with indoor units. These types if storage units are ergonomic and convenient and can save your hard-earned money on a moving day if your moving company charges by the hour.
  3. Climate Controlled Storage Units: There are several items that you may have to store in a storage unit. Most of them may even be sensitive to climate changes. If you have such products with you, then the best option would be to opt for a climate-controlled storage unit. If you choose an indoor storage unit that is neatly setup inside a building, it will automatically be free from any problems caused by climate changes outside. Large storage units packed away in a huge room-temperature hallway will be safe from the weather changes. However, this does not mean that every indoor storage unit is climate controlled. You will find several indoor self-storage units that do not have air conditioners or heaters. Thus, double check the facilities before renting one.