How To Add A Lot Of Links On Instagram With ContactInBio

Social media networking has reached impressive milestones. Like Facebook and Twitter now Instagram is on the peak of attention these days. From celebrities, musicians, artists to businessmen and welfare workers many people around the globe use Instagram for the promotion and publicity of their work. For such social promotional campaigns a number of links might be added in your bio. These links give a quick and easy doorway to the connections which you want the audience to see. On instgram it has become easier to add a lot of links in your bio with many free online tools. The one which we would consider here is

So what is ContactInBio? It is an online tool which is available for free. Without any hassles of payment and credit loads you can use this tool confidently. It lets you add multiple links in your bio, add contact form, social media links, Whatsapp contact button, images, text and videos. Be it one, two, three or more, there is no limitation of links and blocks in your bio.

What to do? Like majority other people you must have developed some interest in it. All you have to do is follow the steps stated below.


Step 01: Sign up and join on , you don’t have to have Instagram account, you can sign up with email.



Step 02: Start adding the links in your bio: After signing up on ContactInBio all you have to do is click on ‘Add new button/link’. Select block type you need: Add this link and the title of the page.


Step 03: Do the optional settings: Like every other account settings, you can choose your preferred theme. You can do some selection from color schemes and designs. If you want to make your account more properly customized you will have to buy the Pro Plan which allows you to manage your account in a better way.


Step 04: Copy & Paste: ContactInBio will give you a unique link for your account which is to be added on your profile bio. This link might vary from one account to another because the links added can be different. Now go back to your instagram account. Hit ‘Edit profile’ and paste the unique link given to you in the ‘website’ option of your profile. Finally, save the edited settings.

Step 05: Test all the links: After savings the edited settings, click all the links and check whether they work properly or not. These are the links which will be seen by the people viewing (or stalking) your profile. Make sure they get the right thing to see.

Step 06: See statistics of your visitors and link clicks.


Step 07: Start receiving messages from contact form

The procedure is as simple as that!

As far as the pricing is concerned, it is absolutely FREE. You don’t have to spend a cent for your Instagram bio. This free online tool makes every bit possible.

Why use ContactInBio?

  • It’s Free: Anything better than having something for free? ContactInBio is available for use without any payments. You can stick to the free plan for as long as you want.
  • Add Contact Form and start converting followers into customers. In compare with other alternatives ContactInBio offers more options
  • Add social media buttons, text, video, images and more. You create your own space with content related to your brand.
  • Page can be redesigned easily as background,text colors, link colors, button colors etc. you can even choose colors for your links.
  • Super easy: Creating an account is super easy. No complicated procedure. No twisting and turning. It is a simple 5 step procedure to set up the account and begin using it. It barely takes 10 minutes to add links.
  • There is a variety of color schemes and themes from where you can choose your favorite one.
  • ContactInBio is easily manageable with Instagram.

Why not to use ContactInBio?

  • Unfortunately, this free online tool does not allow you to post a link with an individual post. If you are promoting a product or service in your post, you can’t add a link in the caption.

That’s it! There is only one reason (not strong enough) to stop you from using ContactIbBio. But look at the pros! Register at ContactInBio.