How Mole Removal Helped Cloe Jordan Beat Cancer?


Cloe Jordan is a 21-year old woman hailing from Wolverhampton. She loves to take selfies in her bikinis and underwear. Would you believe that it was this interest of hers that saved her life?

She had a mole on her stomach since childhood. In recent times, she noticed that the spot was becoming larger in size and also changing colours. She ignored the signs that the mole could be cancerous as it had stayed since her childhood and did not think that that it would be melanoma. However, she was surprised when the doctors told her it was indeed malignant.

She had visited the skin specialists as she wanted to get rid of the mole on the stomach as she thought they were ruining her selfie pictures.

On her visit to the dermatologist, she was asked to undergo a biopsy where it was found that the mole had become cancerous and she had skin cancer. The skin experts advised her to go ahead with mole removal surgery so her life could be saved.

The doctor’s first confirmed if it was melanoma or being before proceeding. Since benign moles can be easily removed using mole removal creams, that can be found at bestmoleremovalcreams dotcom.

The doctors successfully removed her mole. But, the mole removal procedure has left a big scar on her tummy. The mole was embedded in the deep layers of the skin because it has stayed for so many years due to which the scar is a large-sized one.

Cloe had pale-colored skin and was pursuing sunbed treatment 1-2 times per month before this incident. She believed this was the reason for her mole becoming malignant. After her experience, she warns everybody about the dangers of sunbeds. She recommends the use of tanning lotions instead of bathing in the sun for getting a perfect tan. In her attempts to raise awareness about skin cancer and its causes, she has posted a picture of the scar on the internet.

She has vowed to never soak in the sun again and says that she rather apply fake tan for enhancing her outwardly look and not resort to methods that are damaging to the skin. She also believes she was lucky because although the mole had spread, the doctors were successful in removing the mole from her stomach.

Presently, Cloe is waiting for the doctors to advise her on the future course of treatment.  Although the treatment is costing her a fortune, the team of doctors is conducting tests and based on the results; they will treat their patient.

This experience is a lesson for us that we must not ignore the signs of cancerous moles. As a precautionary measure, we also advise that you apply sunscreen if you are going to be spending long hours in the sun for keeping the skin protected from its harmful rays. It is also recommended to not opt for sunbed treatments for tanning the skin as it could cause melanoma.

You must also be alert and keep checking if the moles are changing shape, size, or color. Also, if you notice that a new mole has developed during your adulthood years, you must not delay in consulting the skin professionals. If you notice anything unusual about a mole on your body, remember that it could be an indicator that may have developed skin cancer. In such cases, take the precautionary measures at the earliest; it could save your life.