How Has Social Media Changed the Apparel Industry

When it comes to fashion, nothing has been more instrumental to the success of new brands like social media. The highly-competitive nature of the fashion industry used to make it difficult for small shops to get their products noticed. Now, brands are able to capitalize on different trends in the entertainment industry as a way to not only launch their brand but also connect with customers and make sales faster than ever. However, this is not the only way that social media has changed the apparel industry.

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Target Most Likely Customers

Social media marketing such as that used on Facebook is truly innovative because it allows businesses to reach customers who might actually be interested in their products. By collecting data which users stay in their profile in terms of their favorite movies, games, and other interests, the marketing algorithm can be designed to target those users who have a specific type of interest. For example, an apparel designer who focuses on trends in video gaming might want to have an ad that advertises how this website offers Assassin’s Creed hoodie. By directly targeting consumers who have expressed an interest in this game, the company is more likely to get sales.

Shareable Content Trends

Getting your product in front of consumer is not always easy. In the earlier days of fashion this required having the right connections to get your product into different types of stores. Today, apparel designers are able to have social media accounts which showcase their different products. The ability for consumers to share the content increases exposure exponentially. In fact the ongoing desire for social media users to share the different products and services that they like on their accounts makes this one of the fastest ways to turn a new product into one that is trending.

One-Click Shopping

Several social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have rolled out buyable images over the last two years. This has been a game changer for any type of consumer oriented business especially one that’s focused on apparel. Now, businesses are able to showcase their different products and accept payment through the social media platform. This creates a one click shopping experience that consumers deem as more convenient. Additionally, they are more likely to purchase because the product is right in front of them and ready to be bought – no access to special sites needed.

There are some drawbacks, however, such as a site traffic. Businesses that do the majority of their business or social media sites may have less access to their actual website. Less consumers visiting their website means that they may rank lower in search engines. However changes have been made to also include social media traffic in the ranking process for some types of websites. Overall, social media has made buying and selling apparel substantially easier. And it has revolutionized the ability for small designers to become well-known in short periods of time. All in all, it truly is a win-win for businesses that will continue to help them thrive.