How can I make sure the best performance from my solar wall lights?

As the darker nights approach, many of us start to think about lighting, and in particular solar wall lights. If you are concerned about the performance of your solar lights, maybe these helpful tips will help you to get more out of them.

How do solar lights function?

Solar wall lights are powered by a panel of photovoltaic cells. These cells require daylight to power them; the energy from the daylight is stored throughout the day so that it is ready to be used to power the lights at night, when they are required. The power is then converted into an electrical current using a rechargeable solar battery. Once it becomes dark, a sensor recognizes that it is dark and the light is activated.

As solar wall lights use the energy of the sun, they could be said to be an energy-efficient choice which means they are a great choice if you care about the environment and want to reduce your carbon footprint.

Will there be enough light in the winter to make my lights work?

It is not necessary for the sun to be shining for your lights to work. Solar panels are able to work as long as there is daylight; however, they may work slightly better on days when there is bright sunlight in the summer. We should also remember that winter days are much shorter than summer days; this means that not only is there generally less sunlight in the winter, but also there are less hours and therefore less charge may be stored to power your lights at night.

So what can you so about this? Well, there are several things you can do to ensure that you really are getting the most out of your solar panel:

  • Position your panel so that it faces directly towards the sun at 12 noon; this is when the sun is at its strongest point
  • Make sure that there is a clean line of sight between the sun and your solar panels; make sure to remove anything that will impede the rays from shining onto the panels
  • Conserve the energy of your lights by switching them off during the day; in this way the lights will be sure to be as powerful as possible when night falls

What style should I choose?

There are many different styles of light and the one that you choose will depend on the job that you want the lights to do. If you want solar wall lights to light a path for example, then you have a few options: you might prefer lamps that face downwards place on a wall to light your way, or maybe you would prefer torches which are more ornamental and simply on the end of a stake that you stick in the ground. Solar lights can also be used to highlight your favourite area of the garden, a beautiful statue or a pond.