Here’s what you can expect from the Best Dining Halls in the University of Florida

The University of Florida has more than a dozen restaurants where you can enjoy a good meal. The campus is littered with dining options from 5-star restaurants to quick grabs on the go. But with many selections, it can be hard to spend your break time deciding where to eat.


Two of the University of Florida dining hall offering the best are the HUB and the Reitz Union. They are located arms away from the Department of Geological Science building. Both places offer some of the best meal courses for students who would like to spend their free time relaxing. 


What Makes the HUB a Convenient Place to Eat?


Interestingly, the HUB is located within the heart of the University’s innovation center. The historic building which has since been renovated houses some of the best eateries and restaurants including Einstein’s, Chik-fil-a, Subway, Jamba Juice, and Starbucks.


The Hub also has a mini grocery for students who would like a quick stash of their needs. Anyone can easily find on-the-go sandwiches, toiletries, cereals, sushi sandwiches, and even the popular easy Mac right within the mini-market.


The building was designed by the Russell T. Pancoast and Associates firm and was completed in 1950. The food court can be found on the first floor, where the Technology Hub is also located. Considered as one of the best University of Florida dining hall, the HUB also has study rooms for students who would like to indulge themselves with their studies.


The Reitz Union, the Homely Getaway within the University Campus


The Reitz Union Food Court is one university favorite for students who would like to get a quick meal in between classes. There is a load of indoor restaurants and fast food outlets found at Level 1 including Pollo Tropical, Wendy’s, Papa Johns, Panda Express, and Croutons. The food court also has a Starbucks outlet for a quick coffee and some more.


Along with the food, what make the Reitz Union a student watering hole are the University Bookstore, the study lounges, and charging outlets. The university government provides students with printing allowance, and the Reitz Union is one of the places to get your class records copied.


The Reitz Union is UF’s original student union building completed in 1967. The 6-level educational center also has a hotel guest room at the fifth and sixth levels. The Reitz Union was renovated in 2013, adding more space to house several university government offices and organizational spaces.


What the UF Dining Halls has to Offer


If you are a freshman living on your own, the University of Florida has dining halls that are more than welcome. They provide various options whether you are a vegetarian or have the appetite fit for 5-star dining.


The University provides meal plans for each student, and you can purchase your meal according to your school contract. There are 5-weekdays unlimited or the 7-day unlimited options which allows you to go and pick your food as many times as you want.