The Health Benefits of Consuming Green Tea Leaves

And now I know out why  my mum’s 3 cups a day green tea weight loss diet wasn’t giving the results she expected: loosing weight, increased energy, lower cholesterol, rosy cheeks,  sparkly eyes and so on…

Oh well, here’s the reason, according with my latest online findings: SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO EAT IT in order to get all the green tea benefits mentioned above.


Drinking freshly brewed tea can be both healthy and enjoyable. However, the vast majority of nutritional components found in green tea leaves are never transferred over to the brewed tea. When you throw away tea leaves, you are throwing away a cornucopia of nutrients. Many tea experts recommend triple brewing good quality tea leaves. While this will continue to provide great tasting tea, you will still not be receiving the vast majority of the nutrients that are largely available in those green tea leaves.

Green tea is loaded with flavonoids, a potent variety of antioxidants. A great deal of research has been done (much of it referenced on this web site) which demonstrates that the antioxidants found in green tea are extremely beneficial to our health in many ways. Most of the research around green tea has focused on catechins (a specific type of flavonoid) which make up the largest percentage of what is found in green tea leaves.

It is believed the catechins are the real powerhouse of the green tea plant.

The info below was pulled from the USDA web site and provides a fantastic look at just how much more beneficial the whole tea leaf is compared to just

drinking the brew. For the most part there is an 8,000 to 10,000% increase in antioxidants found in whole green tea leaves compared to brewed green tea. The evidence is very convincing. The best way to get the most nutritional benefit from green tea is to eat the whole leaf.

Hey, do not turn your head away in disgust. You’re not expected to simply munch and graze on green tea leaves ans say yummy… You’ll simply use it your daily cooking. Click here for some fantastic recipes .

One may think that it’s enough to rip open a green tea teabag from the grocery store and use it in cooking. Although I thought it was all right, my mom asked me straight away what did I put in her chocolate cake because she could taste hay. Great taster, she is …I had to be honest and tell her my secret ingredient. However, the next green tea chocolate cake that I cooked with a slightly more expensive powdered green tea leaves, was the winner not only with her but with my whole family. This is why I now recommend buying only the best organic green tea in powder of leaves if you’re going to use it in cooking.

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Edible Green Tea

The purest Green Tea leaves available anywhere on the planet. There is more than 10,000%  EGCG (a powerful antioxidant) in whole green tea leaves than there is brewed green tea. You would need to drink 30 cups of brewed tea to get the same antioxidants found in just 1 tablespoon of these edible loose green tea leaves.



Powdered Green Tea

Powdered green tea leaves, green tea powder to use in cooking, ORGANIC POWDERED EDIBLE GREEN TEA 100 grams (about a 1 month supply) – Powder is a lot better for cooking as it doesn’t give the food any leafy texture at all – tried and tested – it simply goes unnoticed.

So, don’t throw away the powerful nutrients in green tea – EAT THE WHOLE LEAF! 

Here are my favorite brands of organic powdered green tea leaves on Amazon:  DoMatcha Green Tea, Organic Matcha,

Green tea not your cup of tea? Well, there are other healthy additions to any diet that has the added benefit of facilitating weight loss: Chia seeds, Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Nibs, and last but not least Red Wine. Cheers!


Alternatively, go for green coffee beans which can help you lose weight, promote detoxification, control your blood pressure, moderate your blood sugar levels and boost your brain health; it may also help prevent rheumatoid arthritis as well as certain types of cancer, all while delivering lots of helpful nutrients and antioxidants.
Green coffee beans, which are un-roasted coffee beans, contain a wonder chemical called Chlorogenic Acid. This chemical boosts weight loss by blocking fat accumulation, curbing carbohydrate absorption, and thereby regulating the blood glucose levels after a meal, says Amit, author at Friedcoffee.

com. So, if green coffee bean extract attracts you more, you can go for it too.