How to Include Green Tea in a Delicious Diet

We all know that green tea and, for that matter many other herbal teas are good for our health and well being. Green Tea most of all contains  powerful antioxidants that will help prevent and fight cancer and heart disease and will lower cholesterol levels. For more trivial effects of green tea, think that it helps digestion and fat burning, helping us our way to a slimmer self.

Green tea health checklist:

  •  Green Tea helps burn fat
  •  Green tea can prevent bad breath
  •  Green tea can protect against cancer
  • Green tea can help prevent arthritis
  • Green tea improves your immunity
  • Green tea can protect against Alzheimer’s disease
  • Green tea can help fight allergies
  • Green Tea prevents skin ageing
  • Green Tea improves digestion

However, to achieve considerable health benefits, not to mention if we want to speed up digestion with the purpose of weight loss, we’d have to spend all day drinking gallons unsweetened green tea. The alternative is to eat it by adding it to everyday dishes, sweet or savory.

The good news for people that are not particularly keen on drinking green tea is that they can now eat it. You can buy it as green tea  leaves or as a green tea powder and use it in your day to day cooking, thus getting all the benefits of the green tea. You can also buy delicious ready made products that contains pure green tea. Like green tea chocolate for example.

Below you’ll find a nice little selection of green tea antioxidant chocolates that are not only delicious, but also good for your health and affordable:


 Matcha Latte Green Tea Chocolate

Revolution Tea  ORANGE CHOCOLATE GREEN TEA– this has a delicious and tangy orange flavor.



—-> The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Chocolate Powder, 22-Ounce Containers (Pack of 3)




On your way to a slimmer self? You may also like to read on about the benefits of cocoa nibs – just as nature offered them to us: crunchy, pure and delicious

Is not only the green tea that brings all these wonderful health benefits.  white tea, oolong tea and even black tea are having a beneficial impact on our health and as it happens with the green tea, eating these leaves (by spicing your favorite recipes with them) can help us live longer, healthier and happier.

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  • Emma

    Green tea does not have to taste bad. Yes you can add it too many dishes and you will not even be able to taste it. Yet you will get all the benefits. Great ideas in this post

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