Graphic Design Services: Your Key to Business Success in the Global Economy

If you’re a growing business in the 21st century, and you’re not a marketing professional, you’ll need assistance with some of the essential steps that move your company forward as planned.

What, you don’t have a plan?

That may be OK, so don’t panic. One of the veteran observers of the business world, Carl J. Schramm, has published a book urging “entrepreneurs” to Burn the Business Plan. While this may seem to be advice that’s just the opposite of what you need to get started, read on to understand what he suggests as an alternative.

In Basic Language

To get right to the heart of the matter, Schramm is not telling start-up owners to abandon planning altogether. In fact, he feels it’s still important to have clearly defined goals and objectives for your company. What he does advise, however, is to avoid spending hours upon hours preparing a business plan that most banks and angel investors will never read.

It’s sort of like not preparing a five-page resume that most HR managers won’t take the time to study. Use a qualifications brief instead. Tell your story in a page or two and move on.

With this common-sense advice in hand, what should you do in addition to avoiding the time-wasting preparation of a massive business plan?

The answer is simple: Hire experienced graphic design services.

What Does This Do for You?

When you bring graphic design services experts on board, you gain access to:

  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • SEO optimization
  • Social media marketing

These four key elements should definitely be part of your brief-but-effective plan for economic success. Take a closer look at each service to better understand how they form a foundation that keeps your company in the public eye.

Web design is the method you and your partner in graphic design services use to provide a lasting impression for anyone who chooses to interact with your company. Experienced pros in this field will use a combination of art and science to give you positive results.


Graphic design is, as the name implies, the key to presenting your company to potential customers. It’s been stated many times: human beings are visual animals who make initial decisions based on emotion. Color, shape, and layout plans are crucial to capturing the imagination.

Will They Find You?

If you have a traditional, “brick-and-mortar” shop, it will be important to use a web-design professional and to hire skilled graphic design services. You won’t have to be quite so concerned about people finding you, at least not in your own community. GPS will get the traveler to your door as well. But how will they find your web site or online shop?

SEO optimization is one method (and a good one) to pursue with expert assistance.

SEO is the anagram for search engine optimization. You need SEO experts who can deliver results, placing your message where it can be found and acted on.

Social media marketing is one of those “must have” tools. You should also work with individuals who understand and have skills with social media marketing, which complements other marketing methods to help build awareness of your products and services.

As mentioned in the beginning, if you want to be in the economic mix of the 21st century, you should work with graphic design services experts who produce the results you need and deserve.