Golf Attire 101: The Do’s and Don’ts


Golf is not an easy sport. There are many aspects to work on, from your short game to your long game and everything in between. You may be the best putter around, but you might as well quit when you find yourself in a sand trap.


Thankfully, dressing the part isn’t nearly as tricky as figuring out which club to use. If you have a caddy, he can come to your house and help you pick out clothes, but that is far from necessary.


Where do you even begin with all the different mens golf polo shirts available these days? Do you need to be concerned about pants as well? Have no fear, because your quick golf dress code guide is here.

Do: Polos over T-shirts

One thing you may notice about all golfers is that they’re all wearing polos. No one is donning a faded old t-shirt they grabbed from their dresser, but instead are looking sharp.


There are plenty of awesome men’s golf polo shirts out there for you, but you have to make sure to choose a brand that knows golf.


Find some that fit your style and get ready to hit the links. You can always copy one of your favorite golfers in choosing a color, as well.

Don’t: Wear Jeans

Jeans are quite comfortable, and some of the best casual wear options out there. But, you should be saving them for happy hours on a Friday night with your friends or when heading to the ball game.


Wearing jeans on the course is a big no-no, so make sure you leave them at home.


Do: Purchase Golf Shoes


If you plan on playing golf for the long-run, it’s best to invest in a pair of shoes. Casual or walking shoes are fine for the occasional player, but it’s best to purchase a pair of golf shoes.


Not only will you look great, but you’ll also be doing your part to keep the course clean and well-kept.


Don’t: Bring Your Sandals

While on the topic of footwear, it’s best to remind everyone that sandals need to be left at home or worn on the beach. The most casual you may be able to get by with are tennis shoes, but even those are frowned upon.


You should never wear sandals on the course. Not just for the look, but they offer no support when walking around.

Do: Double Check on Shorts

If you were to ask 100 golfers about wearing shorts, you’re probably going to receive a smattering of different answers ranging from “yes” to “no” to “it depends”.


Generally, shorts are OK provided they are not too short and go just above the knee. It applies to both men and women.


They should also have belt loops and be tailored to your size and fit.

Don’t: Wear Overly Bright Colors

You might have seen pictures of famous golfers like Payne Stewart or John Daly and their amazingly unique outfits with various styles, cool socks, and bright shirts. These two are outliers to the rule of no overly bright colors.


When you’re playing through nine or 18, it’s best to stick to soft or neutral colors. Not only are they difficult on the eyes, but they can be a big distraction while playing.