Goal Crushing Challenge (30 Days)

Here’s a 30 Days Goal Crushing Challenge for you from today’s guest blogger:  

” Whatever your goal or aspiration is, it is easier to achieve if you have both a plan and motivation. By participating and taking advantage of our Goal Crushing Challenge, we can help you with both. How does it work?


Step 1: Define Current State and Desired Goal

Define your current state and desired goal and make sure that your desired goal is realistic and achievable in 30 days. One personal example can be fitness. Your current state could be that you’re running one mile a day and your desired goal is that you want to be able to run five miles a day. On the business side for example, your current state can be that you don’t have a business plan and your desired goal is to have a fully completed business plan.


Step 2: Define your Motivation?

Every day, write down what your motivation is and this will help you push through and not give up. Another motivator here is progress. Keep track of your current state each day so you can see your progress as you move toward your desired goal.


Step 3: Set Daily Activities

Make a detailed list of activities that will allow you to reach your desired goal in 30 days. The best way to do this is to start with an outline and then break out the activities into manageable pieces for the next 30 days. Whatever activity is not completed on a particular day will roll over to next day, so make sure to keep up.


Step 4: Execute

Start Now!

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