Glowing Skin with Aspirin and Honey

Ally’s Daily Tip no 3: 

Today we’re talking skincare and more exactly what can aspirin do for your skin.

Well, salicylic acid, aka aspirin  is used as an ingredient in some very expensive face creams, or so I heard.

First you need to remove the make-up and cleanse. I found that a moisturizing Castile soap is very efficient in doing this job, without drying the skin.

Take 3 uncoated aspirin pills, crush them one by one using 2 identical  teaspoons, mix them with a tiny drop of water and another drop of honey – you get a paste that you can spread on your face and gently massage it for at least 5 minutes.

Rinse with lukewarm water, apply a think layer of Aloe Vera juice and enjoy the results.

The result: no more pores, the smoothest skin you ever had, glowing with health, vitality and elasticity.

Caution: if you have broken capillaries on your face, as I do, try to get the aspirin crumbs as fine as possible (the uncoated aspirin shown above does break into the finest crumbs you can get) and use very gentle circular movements when massaging the mask into the problem skin areas.

Is you suffer from acne, use the aspirin mask twice a week and those zits, spots and black heads will not make an appearance anymore.

Make a much bigger amount of the same aspirin and honey mask mentioned above, add some lemon juice and use it as a body scrub on damp skin, massage for as long as you feel like it, them shower. The results are amazing and … you’ll find it hard to resist the temptation of stroking yourself 🙂

The end of Ally’s Tip no 3. See how to grow longer fuller eyelashes naturally or what natural ingredients from your kitchen can be used to whiten teeth.