Give Back To Your Community By Becoming A Foster Caregiver – Build A Better Future

We live in a world of contrasts. Some of us are lucky to have had childhoods where our families have provided to the best of their abilities. But thousands of children every year miss out. These are the children who do not have anyone to take care of them.

Fostering networks are trying their best but it is always a struggle. As a citizen, you can make a difference and help your community build a brighter future by fostering a child.

How Do I Become A Foster Carer?

Becoming a foster carer is not a complicated process. If you have the enthusiasm and wish to make a difference then those are the main ingredients. Some of the basic prerequisites state that caregivers should be adults who have an extra room in their homes.

Your health check will also be done to ensure that you are in the right physical shape to take up this responsibility. There is a certain bit of documentation and social workers will visit you for a comprehensive inquiry. This is to guarantee the right environment for the child you are planning to take in.

Being a foster carer requires certain skills in communication and you should be able to read the important signs when rearing your ward. This means there will be a lot of interaction. There are training workshops and resources dedicated to fostering which you will be part of and have access to.

As Lisa Witter from Perpetual Fostering explains, fostering agencies encourage new carers to be mentored by more experienced carers. This can be done in a one-on-one setting or in monthly group meetings. New foster carers can rest assured because they will have a comprehensive support framework around them all the time.

Giving Children The Environment They Deserve

Your wards will be children who have grown up in an environment not suited for raising a child. They are very vulnerable emotionally and mentally and many of them would have experienced cruel indifference and even physical abuse.

The sooner the intervention from the fostering network, the better chance the child has to regain the security and confidence necessary to cope as an adult later. Your role will be very prominent – think of yourself as a pillar and a guiding light. Fostering also comes with financial incentives and support for the carer so it provides a win-win situation.

A lot of these children have faced abuse at a very young age. Some have lost the trust in the surrounding environment and have gone into a shell. There are those who have behavioral problems as a result of neglect and abuse. Many children also go into foster care because their parents/blood relations are either too sick or not in a position to take care of them for other reasons (incarceration is a common reason). These children are extremely vulnerable and need all the protection and security. After all, every child deserves that unconditionally.

What happens to children who do not get a foster carer? They end up in children’s homes. These institutes can never replicate the home a foster caregiver can give and there is a lot of bullying and negative influences that may further traumatize the children.

The UK shows worrying stats about children going into care and this goes on perpetually. Maybe you can be a positive difference in someone’s life. Consider fostering.