Gift your wife Movavi Screen capture studio software on her Birthday

Today’s guest blogger is a very thoughtful husband who found a brilliant way to encourage his wife’s passion for cooking.

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“Hello friends. I am cool out here and hope the same for you. Last week I was not doing good health wise and I was at home for about 4-5 days. For the entire twenty hours I was at home and I got the chance to see my wife working in kitchen. Yes my wife is a homemaker and I am quite satisfied with the fact. She is great admirer of good food and even I am the same. She continuously surfs through YouTube and TV Channels to stay updated with her latest cookery show. She never misses a chance to learn a new recipe and prepare it. But since past few days she wasn’t looking happy and while I was at home I inquired about the same. She was worried that she missed few of the unique recipes as they were tough to understand and near to impossible to pick at the first glance.TV Shows and online videos are there but my wife is not that smart to learn the technique so early. In addition to this, it is very painful to download the streaming videos and often because of slow speed of the internet, it takes much time to get downloaded. I knew what she needed and decided to gift her something of her use. I simply goggled ‘how to record live streaming video’ and multiple results were before me.

As a techie and a bargain hunter, I surfed through good 8-10 number of sites but I was looking for something inexpensive and best in quality.  I came across software named Movavi screen capture studio. I ordered one and to my surprise I got it 1 day later. It was my gift to my beautiful and adorable wife. I presented the same to her but at first, she was not very impressed with it as she is not very tech savvy and hence I had to help her out to start the whole stuff.  Movavi screen capture studio came up with a user guide which was easy to understand and I left the entire thing up to my wife. She read the whole manual and gradually her interest began to be developed in the software.

Once thorough with the set up process, she got started with the same. What she did was she opened a video of her favorite French chef on you Tube and started to capture the same with the software.  There are numerous options available such as only a specific part of the video can be recorded if needed. Just make sure that you click the ‘Audio icon’ once you start to record. There is even an option of recording video in different parts. As the case with my wife, she was confused with a certain part of the entire cooking process of that French Cuisine.  So what I did was I simply set the timer for the required period and the video was captured for that particular time.

You won’t believe but more than 40 than 40% of my hard disk was filled with the video of different dishes from across the globe. Since then my wife has prepared many dishes. I had French dish like Torte, Madeleine and Asian dishes like Afgani Kabab and many more dishes.  I thank Movavi screen capture studio for this wonderful product at such an affordable price.