Unusual and Interesting – wear a story on your wrist

Wherever you’ll wear any of these watches, people will gather around to listen to the story behind it.

One of the troupe’s funniest sketches! You’ll laugh as Cleese’s legs, which are the minute and hour hands, mark the passage of time in hilarious poses throughout the day. Python fans will be inspired to create silly walks all day.

People remember Che Guevera for being a bold leader and tireless crusader for the poor and oppressed. But people who really knew him were most impressed by his punctuality. If you asked him to attack the Las Mercedes garrison at noon, he wouldn’t show up at 11:58 or 12:07. He’d be there at twelve on the nose! To commemorate this little-known side of Che, we offer the Che Watch.

  The Salvador Dali Watch – The surreal wristwatch with moustache hands.The other day, we were sitting in our cucumber slicing our eyeball with a razor blade when a brilliant idea came to us. “Hey, we should make a Salvador Dali watch!” So we took off our serpents, revived the bread basket, and got down to work. It took a while, but we designed a wristwatch that we think Salvador himself would be proud to wear. The face of the watch depicts Dali himself, and his moving mustache serves as the watch’s hands. An ant marches around the rim of the watch, ticking off the seconds. 

 The Dali Watch has a Japanese quartz movement and 1 year guarantee against melting over tree branches. Face is 33mm in diameter.

Time Warp – Melting Clock