Little Thinkers – Realistic Stuffed Dolls from Einstein to Galilei

These realistic celebrity lookalike rag dolls are guaranteed to bring a smile on every little thinker’s face whatever his/her age.

Little Thinker Galileo Galilei
Galileo’s experiments with gravity proved that all objects fall at the same speed. So if you were to take this Galileo Little Thinker Doll and drop it off the roof along with a priceless Ming Vase, they would both hit the ground at the same time.

Frida Kahlo was so different from all others in so many respects, that we’re not certain if she ever played with dolls when she was a child. Nevertheless, we’ve turned Frida herself into a doll that we believe captures her artistic sprit and flare for life.

Little Thinkers 12″ Doll: Claude Monet, Styles May Vary
Price: 18.95

Are you tired of all those cute but essentially brainless “beanie” dolls? We were, so to offset the trend we designed the “Little Thinkers.” Let the Little Thinkers add a little culture and humor to your life. Approx. 12″ tall when standing.

Karl Marx Little Thinker

In his Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx said: “The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.” (This isn’t actually a sentence, but Karl was very sensitive and nobody wanted to point it out.) In an earlier draft of the Manifesto, however, Marx contemplated one exception to this rule — he argued that people should be able to have toys of their very own. “Leave the oppressed their harmless playthings. Raggedy Anne is the opiate of the lasses.” And so we think it only fitting to offer you this Karl Marx Little Thinker Doll. He’s 11 inches tall and is simultaneously adorable and intellectual in his suit, long grey beard, and bushy head of hair. If you are thinking of getting one, we think das is a capital idea!

Picasso Little Thinker

Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Well, one way to keep your inner child around is to play with cool toys such as the Pablo Picasso Little Thinker. This plush Picasso stands approximately 12 inches tall and wears his famous striped shirt, pants and sandals. It bears a wonderful resemblance to the great man.

Little Thinkers MAHATMA GANDHI Plush Doll

Passive resistance won’t help you now. As much as you try, our Gandhi Little Thinker Doll is so cute you’re gonna have to get one. Though just 11 inches tall, we tried to give our little Mohandas Gandhi the stature and dignity of Mahatma himself. In his humble loincloth, shawl, sandals, and trademark glasses, Gandhi is ready to fight oppression and injustice, be it in Punjab or the playground. Namaste!

Little Thinkers Doll: Vincent Van Gogh

Buddha Little Thinker

Thanks to the Little Thinker Buddha Doll, you can now bring some enlightenment to your toy collection. This adorable, roly-poly Buddha wears a soft red robe that’s cut low enough to see The Enlightened One’s navel. His expression is one of total bliss, something you’ll experience yourself when you remove him from the shipping box and hug him for the first time.
Socrates Little Thinker Doll  
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Little Thinker