Fun Learning Activities for children

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The best way to teach children anything these days is through fun activities. When children enjoy what they do, the learning is only a side effect of the activity. Luckily we, parents, have plenty of online or offline resources to feed the children imagination and helping them grow and learn. They can learn languages through fun and engaging language learning programs, they can learn maths through games specially designed for making maths fun, they can even get ready for the tough financial world awaiting them through this online resource created specifically with the purpose of helping the children understand how to make the right decisions when it comes to money.

But today we’ll talk about Little Passports– perfect for learning all about different cultures across the world.  Little Passports develops fun and exciting children’s subscriptions that deliver the world to your child’s doorstep. Imaginary penpals Sam and Sofia travel the world on their scooter, visiting a new country each month and send a package in the mail to your child. Packages arrive full of goodies including a letter, souvenirs, activities and online games!

Award-winning Little Passports has been featured in Parenting Magazine, Real Simple’s Holiday Gift Guide, the Wall Street Journal and many more! Children and their parents absolutely love Little Passports! Their expanding line now includes a USA Edition in which Sam and Sofia visit two states each month.

I just ordered a 12-month subscription to Little Passports which will make a fantastic Christmas gift for my children – a gist that will keep on giving till the end of the year.
Learn more about Early Explorers from Little Passports.