Fashion Ideas From Personal Stylist Suzanne Baker: How To Stay Stylish In The Rain

With the arrival of Autumn, we can look forward to a lot of drizzly weather. But just because it’s raining outside, doesn’t mean you should put a rain check on your personal style. Make sure you leave the house when it’s rainy with a chance to make a splash.

Here are some simple tips to stay stylish even when it’s raining from a London personal stylist.

  • Rain boots – Wearing wellies doesn’t mean you have to be wearing galoshes around town. Modern rain boots mimic current trends and styles that are in fashion now. They even make rain boots that look like Chelsea boots, so you can stay stylish and waterproof at the same time.
  • Layer it up – When you know there may be a chance of showers, it’s time to bring out those stylish outers. Opt for a great outdoor coat they will see you through the wet weather, like an anorak or trench coat. Keep it structured and on trend. Trench coats are timeless, and you can even cinch in your waist with a belt which is perfect for the woman on the go.
  • Keep your outerwear stylish – Making sure our rainwear is as stylish as your everyday clothes is key to achieving your personal style. Trench coats are a classic coat that fit most personal styles and body shapes. They have a perfect shape that flatters the waist, and then adding accessories on top can add some serious fashion credit to your look.
  • Go for smart casual – Put your anorak on over a button-up shirt for a smarter look. You could even pair it with some black jeans for a look that’s rain- and office-friendly.
  • Carry a fab umbrella – Carrying an umbrella is a game-changer when it comes to style. Invest in the perfect umbrella that’s both on trend and sturdy to keep you dry on wet weather days.
  • Try some cropped jeans – Pop some colour into your rainy day wear by pairing your cropped jeans with colourful rain boots.
  • Save your hair – Carry a silk scarf in your handbag so you never have to have a bad hair day