Facial Home Made Soap Recipe with Rose Hips for sensitive skin

Nutrient rich,  rose hips have been touted for promoting youthful skin throughout the centuries.

Seeds inside the rose hips are high in vitamin A, or retinoic acid. Rose hip seeds and fruit have been used for centuries in skin care products, from face creams to soaps. Today, I’ll share my rose hip soap recipe which I created especially for my rosacea prone skin.

rosehip facial soap home made recipe in grams

As I had a plentiful rose hip bush in my garden, I picked up the red berries and made a strong tea. Another handful was used for infusing sunflower oil. And these were the main ingredients in my facial soap. After a month cure, the soaps are ready to be used.



  • Olive Oil 30.% or 300.grams
  • Sunflower Oil 20% or 200.grams –  infused with rosehips
  • Soybean Oil 20% or 200.grams  – infused with rose petals
  • Coconut Oil,  15.% – or 150.grams
  • Rosehip Oil 5% or 50.grams
  • Stearic Acid 5.% or 50.grams
  • Beeswax 5.% or 50.grams
  • Strong Rosehip Tea mixed with 132 grams lye (NaOH)
  • Lavender Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil and Rosewood essential oil.


Infusing oils with rose petals and rosehips for soap making

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Prepare the soap making materials and tools,

Use an online  lye calculator to double check any soap recipe that you may pick.Just google lye calculator and take your pick.

Follow the cold process soap making instructions here

Arm yourself with a lot of patience: Cure the soaps for a month in a well ventilated area.


Dark red to brown facial soap with strong Lavender scent and notes of geranium. Rich lotion like lather, leaves skin clean, soft and nourished.