Eyelash Growth Serum Review


trial result before and after using the serum for growing eyelashes for 16 weeks Longer, thicker, and healthier eyelashes in 16 weeks using an eyelash serum that contains only natural ingredients. 

 eyelash growth serum product review  Week 1: 

This blog post is my personal review of an eyelash growth product,  allegedly a very powerful eyelash growth serum that will help lengthen eyelashes, gradually, safely, and naturally. It contains bio-peptides and amino acids, vitamin E, olive oil, thyme, soy protein panthenol, and a few other ingredients with long names – all natural and all supposed to help in lengthening and thickening of eyelashes and eyebrows if desired.

So, I welcomed this product from the start because my eyelashes are not as thick long, and lush as I’d like them to be. I am not confident enough with sticking eyelash extensions and other types of fake eyelash products on my eyelids, nor do I have the time for that, in fact, I even dream of not having to use mascara at all.

The eyelash serum comes in a bottle with a very fine brush attached to the lid (just like a liquid eyeliner). It’s clear, it doesn’t smell and I must apply just as I would apply my eyeliner very close to the eyelash roots. I got into the habit of applying it every morning for 10 minutes before putting on any make-up and every evening before going to bed. I’m looking forward to seeing some results but I have to be patient. The leaflet does say that visible results will be usually noticed after 4 weeks and the full results, the final destination of about 80% growth can be seen after 16 weeks. At the moment, although it’s too early to see any growth, the serum acts like a very effective eyelash conditioner, making the lashes silkier and shinier.

eyelash serum progress

This is how my eyelashes look after 3 weeks of twice daily application. I expected a bit more.

Week 3

I’ve applied the serum twice a day for 3 weeks. It’s easy to remember as the serum is placed right next to the toothbrush and takes less than 2 seconds to apply in a fine line along the roots of the eyelashes. I can feel my eyelashes being silkier and healthier, but for length not quite sure I can notice any difference.

eyelash growth review

I couldn’t wait. It’s week 4 and I think the lashes are a bit more lush

Week 4 Update

I couldn’t wait to post this image. Not sure about length but my eyelashes are definitely thicker. So far so good.

If you’re pregnant or nursing, under 16 or undergoing chemotherapy, you should not use this product. That’s what the leaflet says.

naturally growing  eyelashes

Week 5 – eyelashes still there, about the same as week 4. I’m doing this too often

Week 5 Update :

I think I’m becoming impatient and obsessing over my eyelashes, taking pictures a bit too often. I’ll come back with an update as soon as there is noticeable lash growth. Until then, I can only say that even if the eyelashes stopped growing at this point, I’d still be pleased with the serum that acted as a great eyelash conditioner.

eye lash growth serum product review, image of eyelash growth

Week 11! Can you see the difference? I’m so glad that I’ve been using the eyelash growth serum.

Week 10 Update: 

Very glad to let you know that my lashes are starting to bother me now when I wear my sunglasses too high up on the nose.  This stuff works girls, I can see the difference at a glance! And when I am putting on mascara, my eyes seem to take over my whole look! Happy! Happy! Happy! 

no more mascara, eyelashes have grown thick and long with this natural eye lash serum

Week 14: I simply can’t believe my eyelashes!

Week 14 update.

I can’t believe my eyes or even better eyelashes! They grew longer, fuller, and darker in 14 weeks!

I ditched the mascara two weeks ago. There is no need for it! I am really pleased with Fysiko Eyelash Serum and I believe the product is worth every penny.

eyelashes, growth, serum, conditioner, thick lashes, eyebrows, nurish lashes, thyme oil

Week 16!
My lashes never looked so good.

Week 16 Update: 

The Eyelash Growth Serum did what it said on the tin! I can now stop feeling envy when I look into my husband’s brown eyes, shadowed by his thick long lashes. I totally recommend this product as it is all-natural, it didn’t cause me any side effects or hassle and there’s still more than half left in the bottle. I’ll be using it twice a week from now on in order to maintain the health and shine of my lashes.

5 thoughts on “Eyelash Growth Serum Review

  • Ally

    Really sorry it didn’t work for you. It did for me and I didn’t yet posted the pictures for 14’th week! I’m really glad I got into this trial, my only fear is that my lashes will shrink back after I stop using the serum…mind you there’s plenty left in the bottle.
    And no, no swelling or extra redness at all (because I do get bloodshot eyes quite often).
    I do hope you’ll find a product that works for you
    Thanks for the comment.

  • Lucero De La Tierra

    Thanks for sharing Ally. I’ve been using Fysiko also, but have not seen as nice results as you have :(. I’m on week 14 and the differences for me are barely perceptible. I must be in the 11% for whom this does not work so well. Did you experience any burning or swelling of the eyelids in the first few weeks of usage?

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