Exploring The Latest Hair Trends That Are Sweeping America

We wrote about hair trends and hair extensions in the past and today’s blogger is sharing with us the latest hair trends across the U.S.

“Hair trends are always a big topic in the fashion and entertainment world. Many working class people look to the celebrities to define the new trends for the upcoming season. There are also some great styles that are trending on catwalks at fashion shows. Social media has also influences hairstyles. Many of the trends listed below explore the latest hair trends that are sweeping America this year through the various avenues of pop culture.
Reworking The Bob
The Bob has been around for years, but it continues to be a hairstyle that keeps resurfacing. The more recent reworkings of the bob hairstyle is further enhanced with hair accessories. The hair slider, for example, has become a staple for some celebrities that have a shoulder length bob. This style has become popular because it is simple, but it adds a new look to an old style.
The Pixie Cut Resurfaces


There are some hairstyles that are just not meant for everyone and the pixie cut is one of these hairstyles. For many women this is an experimental hairstyle that often comes after their hair has been damaged. Women that are forced into getting the pixie cut for this reason will typically do things to spice up this short style. The latest style has been the pixie cut with highlights. Some women go with the cut that is closely cropped to their head. With this style the hair is smoothed down to lay flat. Other women may choose a pixie cut that is layered. With this the hair is fluffy with a light and airy look.


The Twisted Braid Heats Up
It’s not really a read carpet look, but the twisted braid works well for the everyday casual look. Some females have taken to this because it is easy to do. Women do not even have to go to a stylish for this. It’s a trend that has been highlighted in movies like the Hunger Games.
The Celebrities That Influence Hair Trends
It is not uncommon for women to look to celebrities when it comes to hairstyles. Most of the buzz on social media comes from the latest hair trends Beverly Hills. This is where a lot of premiere hair stylists are located. Many of the award shows are filmed in California and most of the new hair styles are coming from celebrities. In recent months stars like Arianna Grande have influenced lots of teenage girls to consider the long pony tail with highlights. Jennifer Lawrence has inspired a short cut. Taylor Swift sparked a plethora of fans to go back to bangs. Most of these trends have been shaped by hair stylists on the west coast that have inspired new looks.”