The conscious consumer shops Fair Trade, Ecological and Ethical

Let’s buy less mass produced goods for a change and whenever possible, buy more ethical, fair trade ecological and hand made goods, especially when they are so much more fun to us and so much more helpful to the people who make their life livable by crafting them.

Just have a look at Gifts With Humanity webpage and you’ll have a surprisingly interesting, inspiring journey through a good selection of Unique Handmade Gifts and Jewelry. 100% Fair Trade! Gifts With Humanity is a retailer of 100% Fair Trade, often recycled and eco friendly products. Gifts with Humanity is a business born out of a  wake-up-one-day-and-realize-it-was-time-to-live-differently moment.  They import all their products directly from the artisans thus being able to to offer us a unique selection of handmade gift and jewelry items from 20 countries. 

Esther Kariuki is an independent artisan who, in her area of Kenya, near Kitui, has organized and trained women in her village to use the dried fiber of the banana plant, which would normally be discarded. The banana fiber is first dried, and then a light varnish applied. Once this process is complete crafts people cut the fiber into thin strips to make several different items, including boxes, Bao Bab trees and mobiles. The varnish on the banana fiber with its many tones of brown resembles textured tortoise shell.
Esther ensures the craftspeople are paid a fair wage for their goods, which has enabled many in her small village to earn a sustainable wage.


Banana Fiber Nativity Set

Price: 39.99This Nativity set is handcrafted out of banana fiber handmade banana fiber box.

Banana Fiber Napkin Rings – Set of Six

Price: 24.99The party season is always upon us. This set of six animals napkin rings is made from Banana Fiber in Kenya. Each ring stands approx 4-5 inches tall.

7 Animals in a Banana Fiber Box

Price: 22.99Tucked inside a box woven from banana fiber are seven different African animals carved from muhugu wood. Each animal is 3-5inches long. This is a great take-along toy and doesn’t need batteries!


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