You  probably know the scenario : although you noticed the strange smell coming from the bathroom and used this special chemical to unclog the toilet and the bath, the problem persisted. You tried with a plunger , but only made things worse as the water flooded the bathroom. You had to call professional plumbers , but at least they did the job. Drain blockage happens often and it is important that you find the company you can trust . The good thing is any home owner can learn how to keep sinks or toilets in good condition which helps to prevent the clogs. It would be perfect if you could check the pipes and sinks regularly and never throw food crumbs , grease,  hair and too much toilet paper in the toilets and sinks. You know the problem is back when you see the water does not flow through the blocked pipes. Before you call the plumber or home repair company try to solve things by yourself. All it takes is some inexpensive equipment and education.

Drain Cleaning Tips

Some people use strong chemicals or homemade liquids to clean the pipes , but do not exaggerate as  this may cause the pipes to  leak or corrode. Make sure that you actually use the right techniques and tools for cleaning , and whenever you see the clog is bigger than you thought, call the professionals From  4RooterGuy.  Here are some useful tips about drain cleaning, something every homeowner should know

  • Get a few plungers, big ones for the toilet and smaller for sinks. They are not difficult to use once you learn how to put the plunger over the sink or toilet drain and create a vacuum, you will be able to fix the minor clogs yourself
  • Use drain cleaners with natural ingredients so they do not damage the old pipes. Some cleaning companies sell biodegradable cleaners.
  • Use a mixture of hot water with salt to clean the sinks in the kitchen and bathroom. This helps dissolve the grease accumulated in the drain.
  • Make sure that all your sinks have strainers that can prevent the food particles or hair from clogging them.cleaning drains, how to clean drains

Things To Avoid

It is possible to prevent drains from clogging  and many people try so hard to do so that they damage the pipes . They either pour too much chemicals and Coke into toilets to clean them or they use an auger on their own but fail to perform this properly. Here are some things that you should avoid

  • Do not try to open pipes or use devices to clean drains if you are not experienced. You may cause flooding .
  • Do not replace the traps under sinks unless you know how to do it. If you damage the parts then you will need professional help to install new ones.
  • If you are not sure where the blockage is, or if the sink stopped working in cases of full blockages it is better to call professional contractors.

Drain blockages should not happen in the first place. This may sound like an impossible mission, but in reality it is quite easy to achieve. If you take measures to prevent drain blockage and also educate family members about this matter,  chances are your home will remain a safe place to be.