Minecraft Back to School Essentials


School season is approaching fast and I don’t like to leave shopping for school essentials right to the last minute.

So I started looking already and found that we’re really spoiled for choice when we try to find school essentials. So, what I do is ask the kids to make a wish list with all the things they need the next school year, I ask them to be specific … if they want designer wear, to specify the brand and model. Then I have 2 whole months to hunt a bargain in the kids’ exact specifications. The best place for bargains when it comes to fashion and school essentials is Zulily.com. All you need to do is to register and ask them to send you email notifications when the desired items are coming up in their sales. Easy! Click to register for your BTS Basics and School Supplies

Below are a few of my kids’  favorite must-haves for the back to school season (oh well … they were deep in Minecraft, when I asked 😉

Help them succeed in everything:

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  • Emma

    Zulily does some amazing children accessories , practical and trendy too. I shop a lot in their regular sales and like to stock up on kids essentials and present them as gifts at Christmas, easter or birthdays. i think I might do just that for the backpacks . Thanks for sharing Ally

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