Crystal Vs Standard Glass – Why Go Premium?

If you’ve decided the time has come to invest in a new set of wine glasses, chances are you’ll come across options in both standard glass and crystal. What’s more, it’s also likely that you’ll see the price difference between the two options and make a pretty easy decision – why pay more for something that does the same job?

Of course, if you’re looking at the subject from a purely practical point of view, you’re buying something to hold and dispense liquid. However, if you’re the type of person that cares about things like quality, safety and perhaps value for money to boot, it might be worth giving second thought to what seems on the surface to be the more frivolous of the two.

Here’s a look at just a few arguments for going premium with your glassware:


You don’t have to be an expert to see the difference between crystal and glass – it’s obvious with even a single glance. Glass is a wonderful material and the modern world would not be able to get by without it – crystal on the other hand is quite simply a work of art. The brilliance of crystal is something that cannot be described in words, but is universally cherished by people of all ages. A set of standard wine glasses will work fine as drinking vessels, but a set of stunning

crystal glasses become focal points in their own right and add a new dynamic to the experience.

Crystal is worth the premium cost.

Crystal vs standard glass


Something else to consider is that when you buy a piece of crystal from a reputable source, the fact that it is hand made with care makes it something of an exclusive one-off – a unique treasure unlike any other on the face of the Earth. By contrast, massed produced glasses are 100% identical to a million others doing the rounds and could be described as anything but inspiring or desirable. No two hand-made crystal items will ever be the same, so why not take the opportunity to take home the very definition of exclusive?


It’s of course natural to handle fine crystal with extreme care, but in reality it’s actually way more durable and resilient than standard glass could ever be. You might wish to keep your proud crystal possessions under lock and key, but even if you make them part of your everyday family life and use them on a constant basis, you can rest assured they’ll pull through unscathed!

Something Special

And even if you don’t fancy the idea of investing in top-shelf crystal glassware to be used day in and day out, everyone needs something special to be brought out for a special occasion. Crystal is affordable, accessible, makes the perfect thing to bring out when a celebration is in order – who’d want to toast with a teacup?

Investment in Quality

The fact that your crystal glasses are both unique and highly durable means that you’re not just buying a disposable glass to be chucked in the bin in the very near future, you’re making a genuine investment in quality. With a little care and attention, fine crystal will quite literally last for a whole lifetime and could even be made into a family heirloom to be passed down to future generations. Quality crystal has been desirable for centuries and still to this day graces the home of royals and high society all over the world – why not bring a little into yours?

When you are paying good money you want to invest in quality.

A new set of glasses - why go for crystal


It’s something that few take into account on a regular basis, but have you ever really consider the safety of the glasses you use? The cheapest glasses in the store manufactured from the poorest quality materials are likely to chip, crack or shatter if you so much as look at them funny. Some are even prone to exploding at the slightest hint of a knock and given how sharp broken glass has a habit of being, this doesn’t bode well for the overall safety of your family. Crystal on the other hand is rugged, durable and infinitely less likely to break and cause injury.

Value for Money

Last but not least, have you ever really added up how much you may have spent on replacing glasses year after year…after year? Handcrafted British Crystal Glass may seem like a rather frivolous choice on the surface, but if you’re investing in wine glasses for example that will stay with you and in pristine condition for the rest of your life, are they really an expensive option? Compared to the cost of replacing lower-end glasses twice each year, you might even find yourself saving money with crystal glassware.

Image credits: JWSherman and Marco Monett

Wine glasses sorted, now let’s go on a red wine and dark chocolate diet! Cheers! …