How many times have you been in the position of wearing something so beautiful and stylish but yet so uncomfortable and tight, almost at the edge of being painful?

If you cant even count, no worries. You can always consciously choose to change the way you dress. Being comfortable doesnt mean you have to compromise on your style. You don’t have to sacrifice being fashionable so that you can feel free in the clothes you are wearing, and vice versa, you don`t have to be “chained” in the daily trends and be uncomfortable all day long or even worse all lifelong. Feeling free and finding clothes that make you feel this way should be your priority. You shouldn’t feel obligated to wear something that is unbearable to you at any cost, just because the majority of the people are wearing it. You shouldn’t feel forced to follow the crowd. Especially when you can have it all. Casual and comfortable doesn’t always have to mean boring or dull, and doesn’t have to mean that you can only wear it at home. Modify your style to be functional so that you can feel and be relaxed in your own skin and when you add some vivid colors, patterns and impressive textures by default it will be stylish, fun and you will look stunning.

Choose wisely the material of the clothing you wear, the key is in the breathability of the fabric. It is important to allow air and moisture to pass through it, allowing sweat to evaporate than to congest and block skin pores. Fabrics with this specifications are cotton and linen that are natural fibers. Furthermore, finding the perfect size can be more than a challenge when buying clothes online.

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Unfortunately, you don’t get to see the clothes but rather you have to measure yourself and find your appropriate size. You must have your measurements from several places so that your clothes fit perfectly. Firstly from your shoulders and your bust- that is the fullest part of your chest, secondly from your waist- the slimmest part of your torso, then from hips- their most wide point.

green top white linen trousersWe must say it is even harder to find size when you are a plus-size and not to mention finding pieces that are also high-quality, unique and original.

So, we are thankful when you can find a clothing line that resembles this and puts an accent in accepting that women come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, especially when there is so much pressure put by social media to have the perfect fit body, which is almost impossible.

bohemian style dress
You can see it`s easily achievable, you can have comfort without compromising your style.
Fashion is in fact an integral part of self- realization, and self- discovery. It is a medium for communication that sets the tone for all your encounters with people, so it is important to know what message you are sending with the clothes you are wearing.

It doesn’t have to mean that wearing clothes with the loose cut will make you look unpolished or lazy when you can use them in upgrading and game-changing when it comes to creating different looks for different occasions, or the so-called comfortable fashion.

This sort of is a way of thinking, it’s a way of creating a different mindset. You can choose from all sorts of styles that you can make endless combinations with.
There are: the bohemian-style or so-called boho coming from the French word meaning gypsy, which is distinguished with embracing the movement of the body with flowy and wide materials; than the retro printed and vintage plaid fabrics, than the more feminine style with printed and embroidered flowers; than the hippie dresses with multicolor patchwork. All this and more you can find on .

bohemiaqn stle fashionThey are a Canadian company that is putting so much effort on revolutionizing and empowering the true meaning of comfort in every aspect of fashion and latest trends by combining styles from all over the world and making them only clicks away for every single woman out there.

It sort of feels like a community, or like your very own support group in which you can come back all over again and again, to find the clothes that suit you best, are comfortable and fashion-forward.

It is really empowering to find something that teaches you that you should really appreciate and love your body the way it is with all your flaws.