Cherished childhood moments – mostly at playtime

As we head into the busy back to school schedule and we start meeting up with other parents at the school gates and start talking about our kids’ performance and academical successes, it’s very tempting to start thinking that we should push them more, restrict their playtime and increase their study time, maybe even hire some private tutors for them so they can get at the top of their class. There’s nothing wrong with academical success and maximizing kids learning abilities, stimulating their brain growth and all that. In fact, I was talking about the benefits of learning an extra language or about the importance or music and art in a child’s life, but it is also important to try and fit in as much free play time in our kids daily routine.  I guess, that’s because the most cherished memories of any human being are coming from childhood and more specifically from playtime. My guess was in fact confirmed by this inspirational video that I watched today, created by the folks at Gymboree who wants to encourage parents everywhere to to celebrate and share cherished childhood moments. This video is truly touching and must be watched by all parents. So watch and enjoy, then share your favorite cherished childhood moments in the comments!

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