How Celebrity Beauty Image Affect our Children

How Celebrity Beauty Image Affect our Children

Celebrities are idolized by society; this gives them the power to define many ideals. Celebrity appearance, their likes and dislikes are taken by young mind as the ideal. This has been the source of many conflicts and complexes children encounter and develop while growing up. From Dolly Parton to Hilary Duff, celebrities have turned to plastic surgery to have their looks accentuated. Most of them seem flawless and imitating this illusion is impossible via natural means. For children, being trendy means looking like a certain celebrity and a failure to do so may have a great impact on a child’s development. Growing up is about having an ascertained sense of self-esteem, believing in yourself and defining yourself in the most positive terms. However, celebrity beauty ideals have introduced new structures within which beauty and self worth are defined jeopardizing positive development among children.

The Negative Impact of Celebrity Beauty Image 

celebrity image Celebrity beauty image has been criticized for affecting our children’s self-esteem. Celebrity image as seen on social media sites is affecting our children at a very tender age. Children are losing their sense of innocence too soon and are growing more conscious of their appearances. Naturally, it is not possible to look like flawless a plastic surgery filled celebrity, like Megan fox or even Debby Ryan, but this is not common knowledge to the young minds. These children suffer from a sense of inadequacy which in turn crushes their self-esteem. They grow up feeling they are not good enough simply because they do not look like a certain celebrity.

The definition of beauty by celebrities has been narrowed down to specific shapes and sizes of different body features. Gone are the days when people found pride in how God created them. For instance, along narrow ridged nose is the new definition of an elegant appearance. Naturally, a child filled with such a mentality will grow up yearning for such a nose and a failure to have this nose means they are not the beautiful ones of this world. This interferes with the sense of self-worth a child attaches to him or herself. Children have become susceptible to physical and mental abuse due to their quest for love and acceptance. This is common among children who feel inadequate in terms of beauty.

There is an uptick in mood disorders among children in the present world. With technology you cannot say that you will be succeed in shielding your child from beauty ideals as portrayed by celebrities. Children who feel they do not physically match up to appearances projected on the screen suffer from a feeling of worthlessness which in turn leads to anxiety and other mood disorders.

Children’s perception of nature has also been influenced by celebrity beauty images. In the earlier days, plastic surgery was a taboo and children had learnt that what is natural is the best. However, with the acceptance of plastic surgery, a different narrative is read by the children. They see plastic surgery as the normal thing that makes one flawless. This gives the impression that natural appearances are not good enough. Anti-aging surgical procedures loved by celebrities give the impression that old age is something to avoid at all costs.

Countering How Celebrity Beauty Image Affect our Children 

Celebrity beauty image is no longer natural leaving little doubt that the effect it has on children is not positive. In order to counter how these ideals affect children, it is vital that sufficient parental guidance is provided to them. They should be introduced to a different narrative that defines natural beauty as the real beauty. They should be taught to appreciate what they have and cease from comparing themselves to the fake images portrayed by the media. This is the only safe way to save our children since celebrity have no plans of bringing to an end the desperate attempt to become the sex symbols of showbiz.